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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

French in Savannah: Zeigler House Inn, too!

SAVANNAH Georgia (May 6, 2013) – We are pleased to fascinate our Zeigler House Inn’s lodgers with a triple experience – French, USA southern, and European. Travelers discover our curated French themed sleep retreats and a tad of French cuisine, plus more European (German and Austrian) heritages, paired with sultry Savannah’s southern hospitality and beautiful backdrop.
#Savannah … "it's almost like Paris... With a beach. And fried chicken & juleps. ;) " That Twitter post shakes the stuffiness right out, so appropriately, in Savannah!
Zeigler House Inn's formal
grand parlor with French decor.
It resonates here at our historic inn in downtown Savannah, which features French décor, and more. Once we add the Austrian, German and east Kentucky personalities -- derived from owners over the home's history -- the tapestry gets richer and the wealth of stories multiply for this beautiful home inn. Happily, our Savannah lodging place takes on a true spirit of Europe-meets-Savannah -- dipped beautifully in its southern USA setting, a friendly innkeeper and delightful, modern-day Savannah experiences Innkeeper Jackie Heinz will introduce.

We adore the rich tapestry of Savannah’s multi-cultural city. Are you aware of these French themed events?
  • Annually, June 21 is The Fête de la Musique', also known as World Music Day. Follow French Savannah on Facebook for 2013 details. [back story of this event, below]. Music for more than Gallophiles!
  • In February annually, the Francophile Film Fest is hosted by Armstrong Atlantic State University.
Perhaps you missed the extra French flair that we share at our Zeigler House Inn. 

On the menu at Zeigler House Inn. French baguettes are often included in appetizers. French pastries are served daily on our popular dessert bar. So much like France, Savannah’s mild climate entices for delightful alfresco tea or breakfast on the porch.

French Country Garden Room at Zeigler House Inn
French names and French décor are highlights of the inn’s sleeping retreats. Garden Rooms are Lafayette Suite (sleeps 3); Provence; French Country. The Old Master’s Bedroom is Avergne. Suites are Versailles (3rd floor); LaGrange (4th floor); and Giverny (4th floor). Sleeping accommodations with adjoining guests rooms are the French Country and Provence (courtyard garden level). Of course, there are stories associated with those names, but we’ll save those for another day.  

Located on Jones Street at Barnard Street. The street is named either for a French engineer named Bernard or a family named Barnard who lived on the street in the Colonial period.
Come for a visit in Savannah and Zeigler House Inn. Take in a little French flair in The American South! Let’s talk soon.

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