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Resilience on World Famous Jones Street: Historic Homes Like Zeigler House Inn And Historic Savannah Neighbors

Savannah tourism star Zeigler House Inn exudes southern hospitality
Zeigler House Inn, a Savannah tourism star, where story
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world famous and resilient Savannah, Georgia USA.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- One of our our Jones Street neighbors is the historic home of Israel Keech Tefft, located at 1 West Jones Street. The family home was built in 1849, only seven years before our Zeigler House Inn was built in 1856 for Solomon Zeigler's family.

Mr. Tefft (February 12, 1794- June 30,1862), was Cashier of the Bank of the State of Georgia in Savannah. Our own Mr. Zeigler was an international lumber merchant. Both were industrious businessmen. They were among the most "respected and admired" men in the community.

Tefft's Independence Day, July 4, 1827, toast delivered in the Savannah Exchange building was to "Agriculture, Commerce, and Manufactures -- three sister arts, mutual support and fellowship are necessary for the prosperity of each." 
Tefft is a founding member of the Georgia Historical Society (1839). By 1839 Tefft was so famous as an autograph and manuscript collector that he was visited in Savannah by the learned of his day. His collection of signatures included the world celebrities from generations, including most or all of the signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

We learn this and much more of the rich character of Mr. Tefft and his family's resilience when reading "The Life of I.K. Tefft" by Timonthy J. Haeuller, Lane Library, Armstrong Atlantic State University.  Some details follow. 

"In spite of his diligent and systematic approach to all of his work, Tefft always maintained an extraordinary sense of wit.... Although his life seems to have been full of personal tragedies, Tefft always managed to keep a benevolent attitude toward life." -- "The Life of I.K. Tefft
  • An initial business failed in "the panic of 1819".  Yet, he recovered from the financial disaster.
  • His three adult sons predeceased Tefft and his wife. 
  • Their earlier home was subjected to fire from a neighbor's home burining. Many of their belongings were thrown out the window to save them. Many things were broken, but the family rebounded, resiliently.
  • Tefft's home at West Jones was repurposed later in years as the Sipple Brothers Funeral Home. 
  • Today, the property is subdivided, and on the market as elegant condominiums.
The lessons of wise forefathers are not lost on us today to continue the diligent work of careful growth, cooperate, preservation, contributing and nurturing. These are more attributes make up world famous, resilient Savannah -- a hospitality haven for tourism and farm-to-table / day boat seafood dining, world-class manufacturing hubs, and international shipping and commerce.
Mr. Tefft's toast remains pertinent today.  May it ever be so. Welcome to Jones Street!

bed and breakfast amenity includes breakfast at Zeigler House INn
Private and romantic breakfast, in suite at Zeigler
House Inn on world-famous Jones Street, Savannah,
Georgia USA

Featured on "Wheel of Fortune", Zeigler House Inn was fully renovated to an historic inn in 2002. This upscale mansion, now a romantic getaway inn on magnificent Jones Street in uptown Savannah's historic district, serves stately bed and breakfast lodging with delicious cuisine (compliments of caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz, a southern 'steel magnolia' from Kentucky).

With French-inspired decor -- a nod to Revolutionary hero, General Marquis de Lafayette -- the 7 private suites and private rooms afford Europe-meets-Savannah style, plus southern comforts for a leisure trip and/or business travel enhanced with local flair. Each of private suites and rooms uniquely features a private kitchen or kitchenette, plus private bath.

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  1. We attended an event here this past Sunday & had an awesome experience from beginning to end. They served great food at home studios NYC and the salad I had for dinner was delicious. The service also was impeccable.