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Mellow Savannah: By-gone Era Zeigler House Inn Shares New Savannah Travel Tips for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Colorful azaleas are famous in Savannah,
especially each spring, near Easter annually.
SAVANNAH, Georgia --  Johnny Mercer, likely Savannah's most famous native son, was referred to as a "Mellow Fellow" by one of his friends in the entertainment industry.

Johnny Mercer is the songwriter who wrote the mellow lyrics "The Summer Wind", "Days of Wine and Roses", and talking about "my huckleberry friend" in "Moon River". He wrote rousing lyrics, too, like "Hooray for Hollywood" (among thousand more songs!). Johnny Mercer was co-founder of Capitol Records. His benevolent legacy continues through the Johnny Mercer Foundation, and locally through Friends of Johnny Mercer.

You can visit the grave of this "mellow fellow" in Bonaventure Cemetery, and his bronze statue in Ellis Square.


Yes, there is so much about Savannah that is mellow, too!  Delicate, savory, soft, soothing, sweet, aged are synonyms to begin this thought.

Delicate and Soft: Azalea flowers, burst into bloom every spring. In 2017 the colorful blooms are early, creating the annual wonderland in Savannah gardens, in roadway landscapes, and in the historic squares.
Savory and Sweet: Fresh for breakfast each morning at Zeigler House Inn, guests enjoy home baked cuisine -- savory and sweet. Artisan bread and Cheryl's Brownies from Back in the Day Bakery, and lavish and freshly prepared chocolates at Lulu's Chocolate Bar are indulgences travelers will want on their bucket lists!

Zeigler House Inn features generous cuisine. Each
elegant Savannah bed and breakfast lodging room features
a full size or mini-kitchen, and personal refrigerator.
Easily we could add more mellow synonyms like melodious, rich, tuneful, mellifluent / mellifluous (sweet or musical; pleasant to hear) for church music during "Sunday in Savannah", a song made famous by Nina Simone. The Savannah Music Festival, Savannah Philharmonic, and robust St. Patrick's Day parade and festivities -- March 17, annually -- are among live music that can be found almost nightly.
The always-inspiring Savannah Music Festival is March 23 - April 8, 2017.
Aged: The City of Savannah's international port, famed "Factors Walk" and Cotton Exchange -- where the world price of cotton was set -- and her world-famous architecture were spared during the American Civil War. Historic theatres have been beautifully renovated. Popular musicals are presented at the historic Savannah Theatre. Lucas Theatre and SCAD's Trustees Theatre round out the three big entertainment houses in the National Landmark Historic District, showcasing Savannah's early embrace of theatre and the performing arts.
"The great thing about getting older is that you become more mellow. Things aren't as black and white, and you become much more tolerant. You can see the good in things much more easily rather than getting enraged as you used to do when you were young." -- Maeve Binchy
More synonyms for mellow include cultured, cured, developed, full, matured, perfect, flavorful, full-flavored, juicy. 

Savannah famous spots includes Cathedral of St John the Baptist | Photo courtesy Sandy Traub. Used with permission.
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist spirals
above the colorful and forest landscapes in
downtown Savannah, Georgia USA.

Cultured: Lodging at Zeigler House Inn, a stately Jones Street mansion built is 1856 is a cultured experience. Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens (March 23 - 26, 2017), Telfair Art Museums, mansion museums like Andrew Low House, art galleries, Savannah Book Festival, Savannah Film Festival, and hundreds of heritage festivals allow visitors and residences to tap into Savannah's style of easy-going, mellow culture.

Full, Matured and Perfect! Savannah is full of life, in a mellow kind of way -- respectful, playful, graceful. Many have called Savannah a "living museum"; yet, this is where we robustly LIVE, SAVOR, and ENJOY the treasures, rather than gawk at them. The full, mature and rich arbors of Live Oak and Palm trees form a perfect canopy to shade strolls down sidewalks and people watching from park benches. 

Cured and Developed: During the early developed of the Georgia colony in Savannah, swampy lands brought Yellow Fever. City fathers developed a cure, by altering the lowest landscapes in the downtown area.

Flavorful, full-flavored, sapid: From our Jones Street neighbor, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room (once Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House), the flavorful food and southern cooking specialties are world famous! Travelers venture to The Grey, Florence, Noble Fare, Alligator Soul, Wiley's Championship BBQ, and North Beach Grill (Tybee Island) for full-flavored, even sapid cuisine. 

Juicy: The character-rich, storied city has juicy tales, like those of prohibition and speakeasies. Georgia peaches and boiled peanuts are deliciously juicy, too!
Did you know that Zeigler House Inn was once a bordello?
Aren't you ready for a mellow vacation in Savannah? The Kentucky-born, caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz can make that all happen for your romantic getaway, anniversary celebration, mini-honeymoon, or seasonal getaway in Savannah, Georgia USA.


Featured on "Wheel of Fortune", Zeigler House Inn was fully renovated in 2002. This upscale mansion now a romantic getaway inn on magnificent Jones Street in uptown Savannah's historic district serves stately bed and breakfast lodging with delicious cuisine (compliments of caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz, a southern 'steel magnolia' from Kentucky). 

It's easy to see bordello potential in the
triple parlor of Zeigler House Inn. The dining room
and dessert parlor (shown) show the grandeur of the
mansion built by lumber merchant and prominent Savannah
businessman, Solomon Zeigler in 1856.
With French-inspired decor -- a nod to Revolutionary hero, General Marquis de Lafayette -- the 7 private suites and private rooms afford Europe-meets-Savannah style, plus southern comforts for a leisure trip and/or business travel enhanced with local flair. Each of private suites and rooms uniquely features a private kitchen or kitchenette, plus private bath.

Contact: 121 West Jones Street, Savannah, Georgia USA 31401; Phone: 866-233-5307; email;; twitter @ZeiglerHouseInn; Facebook

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