Saturday, January 28, 2017

Extraordinary Women in Savannah, Georgia, and America

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Women are getting national news headlines lately. We're happy to see it!

Amazingly, when spotlights are turned on women around the USA and the world, we can sometimes trace a connection to Savannah women, stories, plus associated places that travelers may visit today.

Caterer-turned-innkeeper and Savannah tourism
star Jackie Heinz of Zeigler House Inn

We are confident that you will enjoy your stay laced with southern hospitality and gracious cuisine at Zeigler House Inn, hosted by Kentucky born, caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz!

When you visit Savannah, we hope that you will ponder the roles of women in making daily life in Savannah, and in the whole of America, a better place.

Don't be surprised when you see innkeeper Jackie Heinz's choice of flags waving in the Savannah breeze at this popular Jones Street inn. America's red, white and blue USA flag waves with patriotism. Pink flags hail attention and awareness to keep up the research to fight cancer and "Save the Tatas."

In March each year, green and orange flags celebrate the tireless effort of Ireland's immigrants who began arriving in the 1830s to Savannah. Joining slave labor, the Irishmen would join slaves to build the railroads, canals, streets, and grow the congregation of Catholic worship in the Georgia colony. Irish women rallied in spite of poor conditions of lodging on the east and west outskirts of the historic district.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Delightfully Charming Savannah Gardens, Rus in Urbe. Out of the "Gilbraltar of America" Came Boosters, Bricks, Forests, Plus Modern-day Brains and Brawn!

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- International travelers adore Savannah! Rich in natural resources and ingenuity, Savannah is one of the outstanding examples of 18th century town planning in North America.

Book your Savannah bed and breakfast lodging and buy tickets early for the 82nd Annual Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens will take place Thursday, March 23 – Sunday, March 26, 2017.
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, viewed
from Liberty Street through the Savannah's
landscaped forest.
Savannah, renowned as the "Hostess City of the South", is rich in urban forests, gardens, farm-to-table cuisine, friendly welcome, and ingenuity.

America's most beautiful city has been called "rus in urbe" -- an illusion of countryside created by a building or garden within a city: 'the beguiling rus in urbe of the park'. Origin. Latin, literally country in the city.  "With his fortuitous citizen-soldier plan for the city, [Georgia founder, James] Oglethorpe created rus in urbe 200 years before the landscape designers made it a goal...." Source: "The National Trust Guide to Savannah" by Roulhac Toledano

Positive as this expression is, Savannah "being called 'rural' and the 'little green bowery [farm] city of the south' were not ringing endorsements for future business". Source: "Constructing Savannah's Cityscape, 1837-1854" by Laura Beth Simo.


Undauntedly, the new settlers of the Georgia colony had started early to build a town with "humanizing influences" -- architecture, churches, literature, public squares and market, wealth, and ethnic diversity. [Fraser]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Few Of My Favorite Things in Savannah, Georgia USA: Music in Winter 2017

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- In a Savannah Winter season, sentiments turn to favorite things -- whether for nostalgic places, family traditions, gift shopping, treasured recipes, favorite foods, or wearing grandmother's fur stole for a night out on the town.  

Isle of Hope Marina on the historic Georgia coast near Savannah GA | Photo (c) Sandy Traub
Slow the pace to enjoy the best of Savannah, Georgia's
coastal style of living. Shown: Isle of Hope Marina,
the area of 19th century waterfront cottages.
Join the Oyster Roast, January 29, 2017
--  the classic winter in beautiful Savannah! 
Music is one of our favorite things. Gratefully, Savannah is a town of music, great food, and culture-rich events.   

This happy place called Savannah, Georgia is an easy spot to discover "My Favorite Things" -- those things that bring joy to the soul!

For us, the John Coltrane beloved jazz version of "My Favorite Things"* exudes more closely Savannah's endearingly repetitive, wacky-to-mesmerizing personality and spontaneity. Just imagine taking a break under the Live Oak canopy in a city square, people watching, sipping a warm tea or hot chocolate, listening to Coltrane's 13:44 minutes of music adding to the symphony of birds chirping, leaves rustling in a gentle breeze, soft-spoken chatter and friendly laughter. 
Keep that thought and put yourself here for these favorite events for a delightful winter in Savannah, Georgia USA!