Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A USA First (Circa 1817): Savannah Debutante Ball in the Winter Social Season

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Always ready with a Savannah story, this time of year for winter vacation travelers, we were curious to learn if Savannah society carries over the winter social season that was prominent in New York and America in the late 19th Century.

The answer is, "Not so much" in the 21st Century. But, there are some good stories that touch on the Gilded Age in Savannah, and weddings remain popular in temperate Savannah's "no snow" winters. Green landscapes and winter's camellias dress the gardens.

Savannah tourism star Jackie Heinz shares Savannah travel tips
In 1955, seven prominent ladies of Savannah society
saved the Isaiah Davenport House,
where society weddings are hosted in the garden.
The effort by seven visionary women launched
what has become the heralded Historic Savannah
Foundation's preservation society in America's
most beautiful city.
Located on world famous Jones Street, Zeigler House Inn's own Jackie Heinz, known as a Savannah tourism star, always has fabulous cuisine, a new southern story for you, plus recommendations of places of interest to you, her bed and breakfast guests.

Today Savannah benefactors celebrate in different ways. 

Savannah's old society invites broader inclusion, opening Savannah society to philanthropic new comers. Forever a city of immigrants, international students, singles, and families arrive in Savannah, choosing to work, study, and/or to retire in America's most beautiful city -- inside the "elegant plan of Savannah", in suburbs, and enjoying the coastal island communities.

Winter remains time of the Christmas debutante cotillion, where young ladies from affluent, pedigreed families are presented and introduced to society as young ladies eligible for marriage. The Christmas Cotillion held in Savannah, Georgia (The Cotillion) is the oldest debutante ball in the USA, first held in 1817. Source: SilverPetticoatReview.com