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Zeigler House Inn Highlights Overlooked Savannah Treasures: Walk Along The Waterfront and Visit Ships of the Sea Museum

Insider Tip: Imaginations can race
when one chooses a divine table
for lunch or dinner
overlooking the Savannah
River waterfront.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Any time of year, walk along the waterfront in the international port city of Savannah, Georgia USA, and you may catch yourself dreaming of arriving ship origins and departing international destinations.

The history of Zeigler House Inn has a dotted line to maritime life on the Savannah riverfront. Lumber merchant and exporter Solomon Zeigler built this stately home on Jones Street for his family. Magnificent, varied lumbers remain in this popular bed and breakfast inn.
Innkeeper Jackie Heinz has exceptional recommendations for riverfront dining, like Vic's on the River, as well as nautical gifts at Ships of the Sea Museum shop, and Ray Ellis Gallery paintings and note cards in Savannah City Market.
Between Bay Street and River Street in downtown Savannah, you'll notice the stony street ramps to Factors Walk. They are paved using "river cobble and quarried stone [ballast stones from schooners arriving in the Port of Savannah from] the American northeast, the Maritime Provinces of Canada, the British Isles, France, Spain, Portugal and Madeira". The stones were used also in buildings (such at Chart House Restaurant) and walkways, and became the foundation of ballast stone islands found today in river channels.  Read a geologist's blog about the ballast stone here.

This NOAA navigation chart gives a
glimpse of the prime maritime access
from the Atlantic Ocean to the
Savannah River and harbor upstream.
Along the east end of River Street's Rousakis Plaza river walk is a memorial statue (circa 1971) sculpted by Felix De Weldon that honors Florence Martus, "The Waving Girl". The Savannah girl greeted every ship entering the port from 1887 to 1931 by waving a cloth from her home on Elba Island near the Cockspur Beacon lighthouse and Fort Pulaski.

For more riverfront tidbits read Factors Walk Revisited by Bret Bell, who encourages us to "revisit this in-between world [of Factors Walk] that transitions Savannah to the river".

Ships of the Sea Museum, a Savannah treasure too often overlooked, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016.  Housed in the infamous William Scarbrough House (circa 1819), maritime history artifacts are rotated for exhibit "From the Archives" through December 2016.  The museum's mansion and gardens offer a beautiful wedding venue. In springtime, several Savannah Music Festival concerts and dancing happen in the beautiful gardens. 

The ship models housed in the museum chart milestones in Savannah's history.  Beginning with colonists arriving on "The Anne" from England (1732), to the "S. S. Savannah" making maritime history (1819) as the first steam engine to cross the Atlantic Ocean, to "The Wanderer" depicting a legacy as the last ship to import slaves (1858), to "The City of Savannah" that provided passenger and freight services between Savannah, New York, and Boston until 1893. 

Here also is the largest private garden in the historic district, plus Savannah's antique weather bureau kiosk, a cast-iron "temple" which was the official U.S. Government weather station in Savannah.

Get away soon and often. You'll adore more of Jackie's southern stories and Savannah's picturesque landscapes here in America's most beautiful city. 


Featured on "Wheel of Fortune", Zeigler House Inn was fully renovated in 2002. This upscale mansion now a romantic getaway inn on magnificent Jones Street in uptown Savannah's historic district serves stately bed and breakfast lodging with delicious cuisine (compliments of caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz, a southern 'steel magnolia' from Kentucky). With French-inspired decor -- a nod to Revolutionary hero, General Marquis de Lafayette -- the 7 private suites and private rooms afford Europe-meets-Savannah style, plus southern comforts for a leisure trip and/or business travel enhanced with local flair. Each of private suites and rooms uniquely features a private kitchen or kitchenette, plus private bath.

Contact: 121 West Jones Street, Savannah, Georgia USA 31401; Phone: 866-233-5307; email;

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