Monday, November 21, 2016

Zeigler House Inn Highlights Overlooked Savannah Treasures: Walk Along The Waterfront and Visit Ships of the Sea Museum

Insider Tip: Imaginations can race
when one chooses a divine table
for lunch or dinner
overlooking the Savannah
River waterfront.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Any time of year, walk along the waterfront in the international port city of Savannah, Georgia USA, and you may catch yourself dreaming of arriving ship origins and departing international destinations.

The history of Zeigler House Inn has a dotted line to maritime life on the Savannah riverfront. Lumber merchant and exporter Solomon Zeigler built this stately home on Jones Street for his family. Magnificent, varied lumbers remain in this popular bed and breakfast inn.
Innkeeper Jackie Heinz has exceptional recommendations for riverfront dining, like Vic's on the River, as well as nautical gifts at Ships of the Sea Museum shop, and Ray Ellis Gallery paintings and note cards in Savannah City Market.
Between Bay Street and River Street in downtown Savannah, you'll notice the stony street ramps to Factors Walk. They are paved using "river cobble and quarried stone [ballast stones from schooners arriving in the Port of Savannah from] the American northeast, the Maritime Provinces of Canada, the British Isles, France, Spain, Portugal and Madeira". The stones were used also in buildings (such at Chart House Restaurant) and walkways, and became the foundation of ballast stone islands found today in river channels.  Read a geologist's blog about the ballast stone here.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Savannah, The Christmas Gift, Impresses Still! Savannah Mansions Influence Savannah Landscape, Citizens, and Visitors

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Old Savannah survives as an essentially 19th century collection of buildings, built upon Englishman James Oglethorpe’s 18th century plan.
Looking south at Zeigler House Inn, prominently
situated on world famous Jones Street,
located at the southeast corner of Barnard Street.

Today, Savannah mansions meld into Savannah vacation ideas and are daily visual gifts to the public. We share thanks to Savannah historic district's home owners' passion and resources to renovate and share the charm of one of America's most beautiful cities. Zeigler House Inn, privately owned and built by prominent lumber merchant Solomon Zeigler (circa 1856) is one of the mansions that extends a humanizing, civilized effect to the Savannah scene.


Named among Savannah top attractions, the Savannah National Historic Landmark District consists of the pre-Civil War section of Savannah and is significant for its city plan and remarkable architecture.