Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A USA First (Circa 1817): Savannah Debutante Ball in the Winter Social Season

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Always ready with a Savannah story, this time of year for winter vacation travelers, we were curious to learn if Savannah society carries over the winter social season that was prominent in New York and America in the late 19th Century.

The answer is, "Not so much" in the 21st Century. But, there are some good stories that touch on the Gilded Age in Savannah, and weddings remain popular in temperate Savannah's "no snow" winters. Green landscapes and winter's camellias dress the gardens.

Savannah tourism star Jackie Heinz shares Savannah travel tips
In 1955, seven prominent ladies of Savannah society
saved the Isaiah Davenport House,
where society weddings are hosted in the garden.
The effort by seven visionary women launched
what has become the heralded Historic Savannah
Foundation's preservation society in America's
most beautiful city.
Located on world famous Jones Street, Zeigler House Inn's own Jackie Heinz, known as a Savannah tourism star, always has fabulous cuisine, a new southern story for you, plus recommendations of places of interest to you, her bed and breakfast guests.

Today Savannah benefactors celebrate in different ways. 

Savannah's old society invites broader inclusion, opening Savannah society to philanthropic new comers. Forever a city of immigrants, international students, singles, and families arrive in Savannah, choosing to work, study, and/or to retire in America's most beautiful city -- inside the "elegant plan of Savannah", in suburbs, and enjoying the coastal island communities.

Winter remains time of the Christmas debutante cotillion, where young ladies from affluent, pedigreed families are presented and introduced to society as young ladies eligible for marriage. The Christmas Cotillion held in Savannah, Georgia (The Cotillion) is the oldest debutante ball in the USA, first held in 1817. Source: SilverPetticoatReview.com

Monday, November 21, 2016

Zeigler House Inn Highlights Overlooked Savannah Treasures: Walk Along The Waterfront and Visit Ships of the Sea Museum

Insider Tip: Imaginations can race
when one chooses a divine table
for lunch or dinner
overlooking the Savannah
River waterfront.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Any time of year, walk along the waterfront in the international port city of Savannah, Georgia USA, and you may catch yourself dreaming of arriving ship origins and departing international destinations.

The history of Zeigler House Inn has a dotted line to maritime life on the Savannah riverfront. Lumber merchant and exporter Solomon Zeigler built this stately home on Jones Street for his family. Magnificent, varied lumbers remain in this popular bed and breakfast inn.
Innkeeper Jackie Heinz has exceptional recommendations for riverfront dining, like Vic's on the River, as well as nautical gifts at Ships of the Sea Museum shop, and Ray Ellis Gallery paintings and note cards in Savannah City Market.
Between Bay Street and River Street in downtown Savannah, you'll notice the stony street ramps to Factors Walk. They are paved using "river cobble and quarried stone [ballast stones from schooners arriving in the Port of Savannah from] the American northeast, the Maritime Provinces of Canada, the British Isles, France, Spain, Portugal and Madeira". The stones were used also in buildings (such at Chart House Restaurant) and walkways, and became the foundation of ballast stone islands found today in river channels.  Read a geologist's blog about the ballast stone here.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Savannah, The Christmas Gift, Impresses Still! Savannah Mansions Influence Savannah Landscape, Citizens, and Visitors

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Old Savannah survives as an essentially 19th century collection of buildings, built upon Englishman James Oglethorpe’s 18th century plan.
Looking south at Zeigler House Inn, prominently
situated on world famous Jones Street,
located at the southeast corner of Barnard Street.

Today, Savannah mansions meld into Savannah vacation ideas and are daily visual gifts to the public. We share thanks to Savannah historic district's home owners' passion and resources to renovate and share the charm of one of America's most beautiful cities. Zeigler House Inn, privately owned and built by prominent lumber merchant Solomon Zeigler (circa 1856) is one of the mansions that extends a humanizing, civilized effect to the Savannah scene.


Named among Savannah top attractions, the Savannah National Historic Landmark District consists of the pre-Civil War section of Savannah and is significant for its city plan and remarkable architecture.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stay Upscale in the Uptown Savannah Historic District at Zeigler House Inn, Always Dressed for Company!

Savannah GA Halloween lodging at Zeigler House Inn's elegant Bed and Breakfast | Photo (c) Zeigler House Inn
Innkeeper Jackie Heinz is ready for
an elegant, fun-filled Halloween in
Savannah at Zeigler House Inn!
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Especially for Halloween Savannah visitors will notice that Savannah is always dressed for company. This picturesque southern city has friendly citizens to thank for the ever-ready beauty and infamous southern storytelling.

Savannah's Best Kept Secrets

The main door entry is at second story, parlor level at Zeigler House Inn and in most historic district homes. 

When writing about the 1850s, as compared to the 1840s in September 1917, Charles H. Olstead* shares that Savannah streets were not paved and had no sidewalks. When a brisk breeze blew, the dust storm from the street caused displeasure to pedestrians and housekeepers.  

Today Jones Street is paved with bricks and is one of America's most beautiful residential streets. 

At Zeigler House Inn's elegant bed and breakfast in the uptown Savannah historic district, most of our overly-spacious lodging rooms are upstairs. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Savannah Outdoor Sports in Autumn 2016: Ideas for October, November and December Vacation Getaways in Savannah, Georgia USA

Savannah tourism star Jackie Heinz at Zeigler House Inn
extends generous southern hospitality, including
home baked desserts, like this
Caramel Praline Pecan Cake. 
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Savannah's year around, sports athletes and fans move seamlessly from the "Savannah Bottom"* to the Savannah bluff.

During the autumn season of 2016, sports fans will enjoy notable sports events that include biking, auto racing, marathon running, Adidas soccer, Savannah Invitational (basketball), and Ranger Appreciation golf.

Popular Fall 2016 Sports Events in Savannah, Georgia USA

Flat terrain and temperate weather are two factors that attract athletes to Savannah. Get away this October, November, or December to take in the legendary beauty and friendly welcome here!
Popular Lodging is at Zeigler House Inn on world famous Jones Street. Free parking, WiFi, breakfast, daily sweets and refreshments, plus weekend social hour entertainment are included in room rates.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Top of the Heap Recommendations in Savannah, GA: How Does Zeigler House Inn's Jackie Heinz Select Top Things to Do for Travel Lodgers?

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- There are no kickbacks or payment incentives for Zeigler House Inn's recommendations of places to go or things to do in Savannah. Innkeeper Jackie Heinz's advice and prized suggestions come from personal experiences.


Cocktails at the new Artillery Bar in downtown Savannah, GA.
Jackie's latest night out was at the new Artillery Bar on Bull Street and Liberty St., downtown Savannah (307 Bull Street). "All I can say is fabulous!! You have to try this place," says Jackie. "The cocktails are out of this world. Just come dressed to impressed, Savannah style. No suit and tie required, just no tank tops and ball caps"


Jackie treated her parents to a lovely dinner recently at Pearl's Saltwater Grille. The dinner-only eatery is near Pin Point Heritage Museum and Wormsloe Plantation, Georgia's oldest plantation (now a state park).

Ask also Zeigler House Inn's curated "Off the Beaten Path" Package.
It's not too early think about a Christmas. Delight in once-upon-a-time holidays with a "Colonial Christmas at Wormsloe", Saturday, December 17, 2016 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  Participate in activities such as caroling, burning of the yule log, dancing to live period music, and other holiday observances of the colonial period, including games and refreshments.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Get Away! Celebrate Savannah in Motion from Zeigler House Inn on World-Famous Jones Street

Savannah Rock 'n Roll Marathon, popular running
event each fall in Savannah, Georgia USA
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Beautiful Savannah is an historical city filled with motion -- motion picture movies in production, international ships sailing up and down the Savannah River harbor day and night, flower landscapes and canopies of trees rustling in the breeze, jazz to swing and classical musical productions, a lively dining scene that gets a steady chorus of national attention, running events like the Savannah Rock 'N Roll Marathon (November 5-6, 2016). and world-reknown Savannah Film Festival (October 22-29, 2016).

Chef Mahama Bailey shakes things up at The Grey restaurant, garnering national accolades. (Closed August 29 to September 5, 2016 for vacation). The New York Times says, "chef Mashama Bailey is redefining African-American cooking in the South."

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How Many Savannah Hotels Serve Farmers' Market Fare? Zeigler House Inn, A Top-tier Savannah B&B Hotel Does!

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Georgia grown, fresh-from-the-farm produce translates to full, local Savannah pleasures for each of Zeigler House Inn's lodging guests. This is true especially when caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz visits the Forsyth Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

Forsyth Farmers Market farm to table produce featured at top Savannah inn | Photo (c) Jackie Heinz
Quintessential Savannah! Fresh produce and flowers
at Forsyth Farmers' Market each Saturday
in the lush green backdrop of Forsyth Park,
Savannah, Georgia USA.
The farmers' market get praise among Forsyth "Park Perks" in 36 Hours in Savannah, by New York Times!
"This is my haul for the day," Jackie says of her Forsyth Farmers' Market trip one Saturday in late July 2016.  "Tomatoes, leeks, basil and mushrooms. Can you guess what I'm making?  Tomato pie!!" 

Forsyth Farmers Market produce in Savannah Georgia's Forsyth Park on Saturday
Not surprised at all to read, "Skift Travel Megatrend for 2016: Food Is Now the Leading Hook of Travel"

When it comes to food, it is not hard to imagine Savannah, Georgia, as a "Caribbean" town, especially when it comes to food, good-time leisure, and sub-tropical climate! 

On the Rim of the Caribbean: Colonial Georgia and the British Atlantic World by Paul M. Pressley, presents "...how a tiny elite of newly arrived merchants, adapting to local culture but loyal to a larger vision of the British empire, led the colony into overseas trade. From this perspective, Pressly examines the ways in which Georgia came to share many of the characteristics of the sugar islands, how Savannah developed as a "Caribbean" town...."

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Lodging Deal in Savannah, Georgia USA: The Most Affordable Rates of the Year at Zeigler House Inn!

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Be enthralled in Savannah. Zeigler House Inn is the place to quickly remove any notion of erroneously perceptions that America's most beautiful city is stoic history only! 
Enjoy breakfast in bed at Zeigler House Inn!
Jackie, our caterer-turned-innkeeper, wows
guests with the homemade breakfast menu,
desserts, and refreshing beverages.  
A stay at Zeigler House Inn is such a wonderful part of the classical, vibrant, chic southern experience that is Savannah.   

You learn ahead of time, for example, that July 29 - August 7, 2016, is Savannah Restaurant week. It the week when many top-tier restaurants roll out table d'hôte menu / prix fixe menus (fixed price) @ $30/per person, plus tax.

Zeigler House Inn's "2016 Summer Special Deal in Savannah, Georgia USA!"

Make it a special stay for even a mini summer vacation, with lodging world famous Jones Street in the Savannah historic district at Zeigler House Inn! Breakfast, afternoon desserts, refreshing beverages, parking, insider tips, plus logistical assistance for tour, restaurant and transportation reservations are all inclusive with lodging prices.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Visual July 4th Patriotism On Historic Savannah's Jones Street At Zeigler House Inn

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Freedom rings visually at Zeigler House Inn, celebrating the American experience with triple doses of southern hospitality year around. Innkeeper Jackie Heinz unfurls more flags and banners, and doorstep greetings to celebrate American freedom.
"Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die."  - Dwight D. Eisenhower
Zeigler House Inn, a top historic Savannah bed and
breakfast inn located on world-famous Jones Street,
unfurls USA flags to celebrate
USA Independence Day, July 4th.

For Independence Day in the USA, July 4th is a special time to be lodging on Jones Street, the historic Savannah street named for one of Georgia's notable American Revolutionary patriots.  The inn's vicinity, now Jones Street, was undeveloped during the American Revolutionary War years -- April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783.

The popular historic Savannah inn is located on brick clad Jones Street, named for an American patriot, Major John Jones, who was killed at the siege of Savannah in [October 9,] 1779.

A few blocks west along Jones Street, visitors will find the Savannah History Museum and Battlefield Memorial Park, the commemorative site of The Siege of Savannah 


Historic Savannah Inn Is Top Lodging Place In Tune with Savannah Vibe: Savannah Burgers and Beer Week

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Women and men foodies love lodging at Zeigler House Inn in downtown Savannah. Repeat guests know to expect extraordinary hospitality. New guests enjoy surprise treats, like Zeigler Burgers during the opening of Savannah Burgers and Beer Week, beginning June 23, 2016.

Zeigler Burger at historic Savannah inn opening Savannah Burgers and Beer Week
Catching the vibe of "Savannah Burgers and Beer Week"
Zeigler Burgers sizzled, impressing bed and breakfast
lodging guests at popular Zeigler House Inn
on Jones Street.

Not much has been published about "Savannah Burgers and Beer Week", June 23 - July 3, 2016. Innkeeper Jackie Heinz caught the spirit of the manly favorite, and decided to treat her Savannah lodging guests with "Zeigler Burgers".

Jackie's #burger recipe? Ground sirloin topped with cheddar, tons of garlic, herb Jack cheeses, bacon and caramelized onions. Yum!

The tourism star adds music also for Saturday night social hour. The music is by Bella Harmonie (Joe Flanders & Audrey Allgaier), playing classical guitar & flute.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Midsummer or Summer Dreaming: Try Something New This Summer in Savannah, Georgia!

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- "Over and beyond" was the praise of Zeigler House Inn from one California winner who was celebrating her Wheel of Fortune win at the elegant B&B in the friendly gentlefolk neighborhood of world-famous Jones Street. 

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
on Lafayette Square in Savannah's
National Landmark Historic District.
We believe each summer traveler visiting Savannah, Georgia, will adore Jackie's commitment of 'over and beyond'. 


Our bed and breakfast guests are people who want to (1) take time to travel and explore new places, (2) take time to slow down and enjoy life, (3) take time to spend with family and friends, (4) take time to explore different interests, and (5) take time to live personal dreams. 

"It takes everyone doing their jobs magnificently," says Kentucky-born innkeeper Jackie Heinz, of Zeigler House Inn, whose extraordinary southern hospitality typifies front-man duties to insure superlatives are on tap for each guest's visit year around. 

In 2016, summer begins with the solstice on June 20 at 6:34 p.m. EDT.

Midsummer marks the ancient middle of Summer, astronomical beginning of Summer, and the nativity of St. John the Baptist. The date close to the Summer Solstice on June 19–24 is the traditional dates for Scandanavian and European celebrants.



In Savannah, visit the magnificent historic churches and Cathedral. Surely savoring a southern praline and strolling along the Savannah waterfront or Tybee Island beach triggers that feeling of being in a new place and time. Some actually call it 'time travel'. Zeigler House Inn has private keys to the Mati Hari Speakeasy, where one can experience the Roaring Twenties and cheating on Prohibition.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

For Memorial Day Weekend and July 4th Holiday, Try New Things in Savannah GA USA: Zeigler House Inn Points to French Connections.

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Jackie Heinz at Zeigler House Inn is a Savannah tourism star, known for going the extra mile, sharing little extras with her bed and breakfast guests. Today we thought we'd share a few French connections and Savannah tidbits to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th holiday, and American patriotism any time!

Savannah lodging star Jackie Heinz on Jones Street near Zeigler House Inn | Photo (c) Sandy Traub
Celebrating in red, white, and blue enthusiasm on
world famous Jones Street, here innkeeper
Jackie Heinz shows American patriotism
along with the Savannah historic district's
gardens and architecture.
In patriotic Savannah, Georgia, we hear often of General Marquis de Lafayette, an American Revolutionary War hero. There are more Frenchmen at the heart of the successful American Revolution. Their names were Anglicanized.

In our corner of this brave, multi-cultural USA nation, courage, ingenuity, enterprise, public spirit, and honor prevail. 

Savannah, Georgia's cultures and heritages overflow in our international city founded by the British in 1732. Beginning with early colonization, America's 13th colony, Georgia welcomed multi-cultural settlers, bringing with them heritages from around the world -- English, Portuguese, French, German, Austrian, Irish, Scottish, French Haitians (the city's first Catholics), Greeks, more Europeans and Africans.


"The cooking of the southern United States evolved from French, German, Native Americans, and African-American cultures..." The book's article points to Zeigler House Inn's neighborhood on Jones Street, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, and to Sweet Potatoes restaurant. -- Source: Savannah Georgia: Southern Feasts. Where the Locals Go: More Than 300 Places Around the World to Eat, Play by National Geographic.
In Savannah, the aroma of pralines will pull River Street visitors into River Street Sweets and Savannah Candy Kitchen. Free tastes are offered! 

Widely accepted stories include that pralines are named after French diplomat from the early 17th century whose name and title was César, duc de Choiseul, comte du Plessis-Praslin. His personal chef, Clement Lassagne, is believed to be the creator. 
FRENCH HERITAGE: July 4th Connections 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stay A While! Spring and Summer in Savannah: Sightseeing, Cultural Events, Learning and Outdoor Sports 2016

Near Zeigler House Inn, Forsyth Park Fountain
is located in beautiful Savannah's
National Landmark Historic District.
Photo courtesy Explore Georgia.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Why simply see Savannah from the outside only? Stay in Zeigler House Inn's beautifully restored historic home. Enjoy an elegant bed and breakfast stay, while enjoying the gentlefolks along one of America's most genteel and admired streets, Jones Street.

Featured on Wheel of Fortune®, Zeigler House Inn's bed and breakfast offers summer getaway rates and weekday deals on select dates during July and August 2016. Telephone 866-233-5307 or email innkeeper@zeiglerhouseinn.com 


After seeing SCAD's Trustees Theatre on Broughton Street and Lucas Theatre, just around the corner on Abercorn Street, take in classic films and music in the downtown historic theaters. Both are magnificently restored and updated with modern comforts. Click on the links to check events, April through July 2016. 

May: Discover 1820s Savannah by taking the Early Bird's Walking Tour: the Savannah Isaiah Knew, beginning from Davenport House Museum on Columbia Square. See what survives of 1820s Savannah that master builder Isaiah Davenport knew. May 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2016, at 8 a.m.

Cultural Events

Through October: At Jepson Center on Telfair Square, Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer photography exhibit, though October 2, 2016

May: Telfair Art Musuem, FREE admission, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. for Family Day, May 7, 2016.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Perfect Getaway! Getaways Deals, Couples Getaway and Girls Getaway Ideas in Savannah, Georgia USA

On occasion two Savannah bed and breakfast innkeepers
decide to be Savannah tourists for the day! Here are Zeigler
House Inn's Jackie Heinz (right) and pal Diane Crews from Green
Palm Inn in Savannah City Market with a Marilyn Monroe statue.
SAVANNAH Georgia -- The perfect getaway's photos start with fun and photogenic places in Savannah, Georgia USA, like the statue of Marilyn Monroe in Savannah City Market (left).

2016 Spring Travel Tips: 

Savannah is a popular movie location. During March 2016 "Baywatch" is filming in Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia.

Clary's Diner is always a perfect getaway stop! The vintage Clary's Pharmacy fountain counter (below left), as seen in the movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"), is a fun retro spot where nostalgia is easy to capture!

Savannah's salty air waterways and Atlantic Ocean and Low Country fresh wild seafood entice!

A summer trip to Savannah is incomplete without a beach day trip to Tybee Island, lunching on fresh day boat shrimp, fish, and crab caught off the Georgia coast.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Savannah GA Top 10 Places: Bonaventure Cemetery, A Georgia Camellia Trail Hopeful

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Lovers of beautiful Savannah gardens, flowering landscapes, history, genealogists, photographers, walkers and runners will adore Savannah's world famous Bonaventure Cemetery. Located along the Intracoastal Waterway of the Wilmington River, Bonaventure is a special, memorable and beloved place where past, present and future meet up often in America's most beautiful city.

Here's a link to our Savannah inn's brilliant camellias. And, VisitSavannah share a "spring teaser" -- more camellias in downtown Savannah's Wright Square.

Camellias dot the garden landscapes in
downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Upon receiving the notice from ExploreGeorgia.org / Georgia.org staff, our dear friend Sandy Traub alerted Lee Malenfort, President of the Bonaventure Historical Society to apply to the new Georgia Camellia Trail.

The notice: "Bruce Green, our [State of Georgia] former director of tourism development, is working on a new garden trail. If you have a camellia garden at your attraction or property, please contact State of Georgia Tourism by March 15 to complete the trail application."

Here's the reply from Lee, talking about Bonaventure Cemetery's heirloom camellias:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Experience True Southern Ways: Culture of Honor and Southern Hospitality at Zeigler House Inn in Historic Savannah, Georgia USA

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- True southern ways are generously awaiting! A Georgia coast trip plus Savannah lodging at Zeigler House Inn exudes the culture of honor*, southern hospitality, and enthusiastic authenticity of America's Deep South from this southern bed and breakfast inn's host, Jackie Heinz, a Kentucky native.

Innkeeper Jackie Heinz, on the "Charleston porch" of
Zeigler House Inn, overlooking world-famous
Jones Street in the Savannah historic district.
Photo by Jerry Harris.
Come. Experience the true, gracious southern way of life on world famous Jones Street in the National Landmark Historic District.

In large measure, early American etiquette of the southern states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia -- once British colonies -- culminated from manners of the United Kingdom.

Yet, as cultures melded and American independence in the USA was won from Great Britain, the etiquette expanded in the America's Deep South over the centuries to be known as southern hospitality, "a phrase used in American English to describe the stereotype of residents of the Southern United States as particularly warm, sweet, and welcoming to visitors to their homes, or to the South in general." -- Wikipedia

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

For The Love of Savannah in February. Start With Southern Hospitality and Breakfast in Zeigler House Inn's Mansion.

Love stories in Savannah GA from Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast | Photo Jerry Harris / Zeigler House Inn

You'll love a picnic in Savannah, here
our spirited, devoted Innkeeper Jackie Heinz is
dining on fried chicken in Laurel Grove Cemetery.
SAVANNAH Georgia -- Come visit and take residence for a few days at Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast in Savannah.

Enlist all the senses -- “I heard a symphony of church bells. I saw the artful life in abundance. I smelled jasmine at breakfast. I touched history in motion, beginning in a beautiful, historic bed and breakfast mansion!"

We think you'll leave saying, "Savannah touched me."  Here passionate romantics and intellectuals convene for the year-around gifts of canopied Savannah.


Take part in the stories in this storied, southern town. The 2016 Savannah Book Festival will be held February 11-14, 2016, in and around Savannah’s historic Telfair, Wright, and Chippewa Squares. Many events are free.


In lovable Savannah places, it is so easy to inspire all your senses -- walking in the gardens, sitting in the shade, moseying in tune with Savannah, and visiting places that conjure up the feelings of  “visiting” and “conversating” with dear folks.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bygone-Era Savannah's Zeigler House Inn Shares Insider Tips: Don't Miss Isle of Hope Historic District!

Near Wormsloe State Park is Isle of Hope Historic District | Photo (c) Sandy Traub / Zeigler House Inn
Bygone-era romantic charm is a luxury in Savannah
and along Isle of Hope's Bluff Drive, lined with historic
cottages and old, southern coast mansions.
Yes, modern generation couples of old Savannah's elite
families adore the heirloom homes.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- Charming, bygone-era luxury in Savannah easily describes Zeigler House Inn, our luxury bed and breakfast mansion (circa 1856) located on Jones Street in the National Landmark Historic District. 


Wallow in the romance of an old-southern-style, by-gone era. Yes, there is far more to romantic Savannah than the downtown historic district!

Bygone era historic manors with scenic, coastal views and close-knit neighbors are found along Bluff Drive in Isle of Hope, a quaint island community near Georgia's oldest plantation, now Wormsloe State Park.
Classic pink houses in Savannah GA are seen also in Isle of Hope | Photo (c) Sandy Traub / Zeigler House Inn B&B
A coupe of parallels to our own historic Savannah mansion
are unmissable in this pink Isle of Hope home
with winter camellias growing in the yard.
Southern romance plays out on the Georgia coast near Savannah | Photo (c) Sandy Traub / Zeigler House Inn
Skidaway River viewed from historic Bluff Drive in
Isle of Hope near Wormsloe State Park,
8 miles from downtown Savannah, GA
Local Insider's Tip:  
If you're in Savannah on Monday, and arrive at Wormsloe gate (which is closed on Monday), keep driving to nearby Bluff Drive in Isle of Hope for picturesque scenes like these.
"Established as a retreat in the 19th century for the elite of Savannah, Isle of Hope provided a refuge from the intense heat and outbreaks of malaria prevalent throughout the summer months. Originally owned by Henry Parker [and once known as Parkersburg], the land was divided into lots in the 1850s and 1860s. These were sold to prominent Savannah families who built palatial homes along the water.