Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Elegant Miracles of Christmas in Savannah, Georgia: An Entertaining White Christmas From Zeigler House Inn's Masterful Southern Hostess

White Christmas in Savannah GA
at Zeigler House Inn on beautiful
Jones Street in the historic district.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- For holiday season 2015, Zeigler House Inn will present a White Christmas, one depicting Savannah, Georgia, with a focus on the pure spirit of Christmas -- faith, hospitality, love, family, traditions, music, genteel fun, and so much more.

It does not take even the first time Savannah visitor very long to realize that southerners enjoy getting visual. And, we like our southern storytelling, social entertaining, and delicious food! In Christmas All Through the South, Southern Living surmises, "each [Christmas season] event ... tells a highly visual story of local Southern traditions and classic holiday parties." Yes, that's the way it is here at Zeigler House Inn, in our favorite places, and when mingling with our favorite people.

Johnny Mercer, a Savannah native, wrote brief song stanzas, so often the very sentiments that we are left speechless to say.

For example, he penned lyrics for three little known Christmas songs -- Christmas Hymn, The Christmas Spirit, and Miracle of Christmas (1969).* Here is a portion of Miracle of Christmas.
"...The miracle of Christmas
Is a door that opens wide,
A family around a tree inside
And wise men, too, like me and you,
Still thank that star above ---
The miracle of Christmas
Is the miracle of love."
-- Johnny Mercer
Perhaps the idea of a White Christmas could be thought of as a pure Christmas, the Miracle of Christmas, rather than simple the color white or images drizzled with snow. 

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day historic churches in Savannah's National Landmark Historic District truly offer "a door that opens wide" to welcome strangers wishing to celebrate the joyful season.  Zeigler House Inn's welcoming hospitality to our lodging guests carries this spirit of "a door that opens wide" also.

This southern city, laced in rich traditions, offers dozens of ways to celebrate the Christmas season in Savannah style ... even for those seeking a White Christmas. 

Entertaining Events: Christmas is a Most Wonderful Time of the Year to be nostalgic!