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Star-level Bed and Breakfast Marketing: Savannah GA Inn Welcomes Wheel of Fortune Winner

Having won Zeigler House Inn's Savannah GA getaway prize,
Wheel of Fortune prize winner, Ashley Wimberley
visits Savannah, Georgia. Courtesy Photo, used with permission.
SAVANNAH Georgia -- The possibility of hosting a winner from  Wheel of Fortune­­® enticed Jackie Heinz to launch her showcase of Zeigler House Inn + Savannah, responding to the invitation from America's Favorite Game Show, then commissioning fresh video to be filmed for the prize promo. 

"To pursue this level of national marketing IS outside the box for my small bed and breakfast in Savannah, GA. It's big league marketing! And, the effort to pursue national B&B marketing is not inexpensive," Jackie adds. "However, I was and am confident that my historic inn could and can surpass expectations ... and, we did!"

Yes, indeed, Jackie would do it again! She did, actually. (That's another story for another day.)

In November 2014, winner Ashley Wimberley -- graceful, smart and darling in every way -- arrived to celebrate her winning prize! Before departing Zeigler House Inn, Ashley left this thoughtful note:

"Jackie, One thousand thank you's for making this trip so perfect. You have truly gone above & beyond for us and we could not be more grateful. I cannot wait to let the folks at Wheel of Fortune know what a truly fantastic prize this has been. Thank you so much for your generosity & hospitality. Your sweet & giving spirit shines through. We can't wait to come see you again. Ashley & David"
Within just a few days later, Jackie received an email from the wonderful folks at Wheel of Fortune, who shared Ashley's personal note of praise, sent to the show:

"Hi, [Name withheld]. I hope you are well. I doubt you'll remember me, but I won a trip on the Wheel of Fortune back in March (aired in June) to Savannah, Georgia. I wanted to let you and everyone at the Wheel know what a truly fantastic prize package this was. The innkeeper at the Zeigler House Inn, Jackie Heinz, went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. When I say above and beyond, I truly mean above and beyond. She presented us with a fantastic gift basket of Savannah goods upon our arrival, and made certain our meals were taken care of at the best restaurants in town. She even secured us spots on a great trolley tour and river boat tour of the city. I just cannot say enough about her, as well as the city of Savannah's hospitality toward us. Please spread the word!
Ashley Wimberley"
Please Extend Your Thanks, Too, To These Amazing Savannah GA Hospitality Stars.

During Ashley's visit, Zeigler House Inn -- @ZeiglerHouseInn -- tapped social media through Twitter and Facebook to post Ashley's itinerary and share her feedback.

"Each of these Savannah tourism stars showcased in friendly, welcoming ways the best of Savannah's charm. They do this on a daily basis, but this time these small, local businesses are getting national-level, generous praise from our amazing guest. Please thank each of these tourism stars for doing their personal best every day!" encouraged Jackie Heinz.

These are the wonderful small Savannah-based small businesses who graciously welcomed and helped to make Ashley's Savannah visit spectacular: Alligator Soul, Crystal Beer Parlor, Mrs. Wilkes, Jazz'd Tapas Bar, Old Savannah Trolley Tours & Riverboat Cruises, Sixth Sense Tours, The Olde Pink House, and WSAV-TV -- Savannah's NBC affiliate who interviewed Ashley during her visit. Here's a link to WSAV's story, "Wheel of Fortune Puts Savannah In the National Limelight".

"Thank you to everyone who did their part so magnificently!" Jackie concludes.

This top-pick, city bed and breakfast inn is an elegant model of Savannah’s world-famous historic restoration. The private and stately Zeigler House Inn (circa 1856) is a Salzberger lumber merchant’s family mansion transformed to seven French-inspired lodging suites and rooms in the downtown Savannah's National Landmark Historic District. At the top-rated, private small hotel the caterer-turned-innkeeper, Jackie Heinz, serves in-room breakfasts, home baked pastries worthy of a French p√Ętisserie, plus en vogue bed and breakfast comforts and southern hospitality. For more information, contact Zeigler House Inn — email or telephone toll free 866/233-5307 in the USA, or 912/233-5307 local or international; 121 West Jones Street, Savannah, Georgia USA 31401. Twitter @ZeiglerHouseInn, Facebook and Pinterest.

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Savannah Innkeeper Begins Her Foodoir: Jackie Heinz Takes Her Savannah B&B Guests Beyond Homemade Deliciousness To Treasured Southern Food Stories

SAVANNAH, Georgia USA -- Influential in the Savannah tourism, hospitality, and bed and breakfast communities, Jackie Heinz is a foodie with a sophisticated palate and flair for entertaining.
The inn's recent Wheel of Fortune winner, Ashley Wimberly told WSAV's  Ian Margol that she is going to miss Jackie's warm morning muffins every morning!
This top-tier inn's caterer-turned-innkeeper explains that her southern foodie roots run deeper than those of her lifetime alone ... and all the way to Europe and Germany. "From my grandmothers Lora Menshouse Hackworth and Ora Henry Carroll I developed a love of cooking. My mom had a hand in things as well since she is the one who taught me to make my first pie dough; but, it was my grandmothers who really were the great cooks who inspired me."

Here our Kentucky-born foodie begins her foodoir, first by introducing a few of her heirloom treasures in the kitchen -- the rolling pen her father crafted in his high school wood shop class when he was 16 for her grandma Lora, her inherited candy thermometer and Sunbeam mixer, a vintage potato masher like her grandma Carroll's, and her Mom's Betty Crocker Cookbook -- the one her mother received as a wedding present 59 years ago [turned in this photo to the "Testing Candy" page]. "This is the first cookbook I ever used," Jackie adds.