Monday, October 27, 2014

Eater-tainment Gains in Savannah Lodging and Tourism Popularity at Zeigler House Inn

SAVANNAH, Georgia (October 27, 2014) -- "Eatertainment, as in show me some fun and then show me some food"* is a popular addition at Zeigler House Inn, located on magnificent Jones Street in the historic district.
Did you know that this Savannah inn's owner, Jackie Heinz -- a star in Savannah tourism -- is a caterer-turned innkeeper? Our historic inn's Kentucky-born, southern hostess is from a lineage of fabulous southern cooks, hostesses, and storytellers.  
Sweet Little Shamrock Duo at Zeigler House Inn.
Entertainment plus lodging on select nights happens
just about every Friday and Saturday night.
On this night of this photo, the Duo brought a friend who
recited “The Raven”. "The folk music and poetry
were wonderful. It was like going back in time.
Just amazing," says innkeeper Jackie Heinz.

This top-pick, historic Savannah inn improves on eater-tainment even more -- adding lodging to the eater-tainment, at one all inclusive price!

Yes, Zeigler House Inn is speaking a Savannah traveler's dream language -- "Let me entertain you. No extra charges apply"!

Eater-tainment is at ‘no extra charge' -- a gift to lodging guests -- when Zeigler House Inn includes in-inn live music or storytelling (sometimes both!). The fabulous food is Jackie's heavy hors d'oeuvres during social hour on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

A happy buzz accompanies the news of unexpected eater-tainment. The entertainment? 

Popular folk music duo, Sweet Little Shamrock's folk music is a delightful step back in time. During October 2014 the Duo has entertained on Saturday evenings during this historic inn's popular social hour.
This delightful, folk music pair will be entertaining at the top-pick inn again on Saturday, November 22, 2014. A few guests rooms remain available for that weekend. 

Cuisine That's Worth a Savannah Travel Trip: Sweet and Savory Temptations from the Zeigler House Inn Kitchen For Fall in Savannah, Georgia

SAVANNAH Georgia (October 27, 2014) -- Great food is always an important part of trip planning. Reared in a southern tradition of cooking comfort and imaginative foods to please family and visitors, Jackie Heinz at Zeigler House Inn has started a whole new 2014 Fall Savory Menu.

New on the Menu: Ham and Cheese
Croissants at the Savannah foodies'
haven -- Zeigler House Inn --
a top-pick Georgia bed and
breakfast in the Savannah
historic district.
Returning guests know there is zero ho-hum cuisine at Zeigler House Inn. 

Lodging travelers who have enjoyed the fine cuisine at Zeigler House Inn first-hand have posted enthusiastic comments, too: "I am soooo ready to come back!" and "Make sure to have some of those available next month! We arrive on the 13th of November."

For years this caterer-turned-innkeeper has headed out early on Saturday mornings to the wildly popular foodies' forest -- the Forsyth Farmer's Market in Savannah's central park. There she meets farmers, cattlemen, and shrimpers bringing in their fresh, local and seasonal produce and seafood, plus meats and poultry.

Beginning in early October 2014, Jackie has been cooking up a storm to kick up that fresh, local, seasonal mantra several more notches. Her goal is to further enhance the balance between sweet and savory cuisine at this top-pick, Savannah bed and breakfast on magnificent Jones Street in the National Landmark Historic District.

From the early response, even the salad-dodgers have become converts from sweets to savory at Zeigler House Inn.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Zeigler House Inn Preps November 2014 #Savannah #GA Itinerary for Winner of Wheel of Fortune B&B Package

SAVANNAH, Georgia (October 5, 2014) -- "Fall in Savannah is magical!" Yes, that's a winning phrase that will play out again at Zeigler House Inn in November 2014 for one Wheel of Fortune | America's Game® winner. Caterer-turned-innkeeper, Jackie Heinz is putting together the fall itinerary for autumn in the 'Hostess City of the South', America's most beautiful city. 
Did you know? Savannah's native son, Johnny Mercer, who co-founded Capitol Records, wrote the lyrics to Autumn Leaves and Hooray for Hollywood
Southern tea on the porch at Zeigler House Inn
Stay Tuned for the Wheel of Fortune Winner's Fall Itinerary and Day-to-day Reactions to Savannah, Georgia USA!

"Yes, I've heard Savannah called Hollywood of the South; but, there is far more to Savannah than the spellbinding, enchanted stories, and movie location beauty shots," adds innkeeper Jackie Heinz. "I want this Wheel of Fortune winner to experience the soul and essence of Savannah, including its local people, rather than to feel corralled to tourist trails."

Considered a star in Savannah tourism circles, Zeigler House Inn's enterprising innkeeper began her quest to be featured on Wheel of Fortune with her commissioned, television-ready B-roll video. 

Zeigler House Inn in Savannah: On Select Saturday Evenings, It's Where America's Rich History and Creatives Meet Up!

SAVANNAH, Georgia (October 5, 2014) -- Known as a welcoming, historic showplace on magnificent Jones Street, Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast's top-pick reputation is extending beyond decadent breakfasts, beyond nothing-but-delicious desserts and social hour hors d'oeuvres, and beyond erroneous expectations of patrician panache, to surprise guests with entertaining amenities on select Friday and Saturday nights.  

The arts in Savannah GA B&B -- Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast
Sweet Little Shamrocks to perform at
Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast, perhaps a
surprise but certainly an exclusive amenity of
local Savannah entertainment for the
top-tier inn's lodging guests.
On select Saturday nights, one top-pick Savannah B&B introduces guests to extraordinary, Savannah-style southern hospitality -- --  culture-rich, intimate, endearing music plus culinary specialties of Zeigler House Inn.

Exclusive to the historic inn's lodging guests, the musical duo Sweet Little Shamrocks Duo will perform at Zeigler House Inn in the National Landmark Historic District. The privileged entertainment is free during social hour for the inn's lodging guests on October 25, November 22, and December 20, 2014.  
"It's not houses I love, it's the life I live in them." -- Coco Chanel 
 A lover of music, the inn's caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz knows well that she is delivering a value-rich amenity, with no additional charge to guests.