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Golf in Savannah: Local Champions. Movie Locations. Sportive or Romantic Getaways to Zeigler House Inn B&B

SAVANNAH Georgia (July 26, 2014) -- It was a really BIG sports weekend for Savannah in mid-July 2014. Following a long tradition of Savannah golf, two Savannah natives won prominent PGA golf championships.
We offer our congratulations to Gene Sauers who won the Senior Open on the PGA Champions Tour in July 2014, and to Brian Harman, who turned pro in 2009, who won the John Deere Classic, his first PGA Tour win. 
Golf is a sports tradition in Savannah, dating back to 1794. "On record The Savannah Golf Club (private) is the Oldest Golf Club in America and is believed to be the first American city where the game of golf was played." -- Source: The Savannah Golf Club

Savannah Mansion Movie Location Near Forsyth Park
The stately Gaston Street mansion, Adele Invergordon's
movie location home in The Legend of Baggar Vance --
Gaston Street at Drayton Street, overlooking Forsyth Park.
At the time of filming this Savannah mansion was for sale.
Today this home is a private residence.
We think these 2014 wins could be titled straight from The Legend of Baggar Vance soundtrack titles, track #3 -- Savannah Needs A Hero!  

The novel, The Legend of BaggarVance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life by Steven Pressfield (1995) is set in Savannah, Georgia USA. In the 2000 film adaptation by Robert Redford, the director stays true to the story and chooses Savannah to portray itself in all of its 1930s restored beauty. Additional filming locations were in Low Country and Barrier Islands including Beaufort, Bluffton, Charleston, Hilton Head, and Kiawah Island, South Carolina, plus Jekyll Island, Georgia.

In the golf-themed movie, The Legend of Baggar Vance, filming locations in Savannah are right around the corner from Zeigler House Inn.
Massie Heritage Center attraction mear top-rated lodging at Zeigler House Inn
Massie Heritage Center (background), overlooking
Calhoun Square in downtown Savannah, GA
in the historic district

  • Adele Invergordon's [Charlize Theron] home: 26 East Gaston Street (at Drayton Street), overlooking Forsyth Park. "I love the movie and that house at the top of the park is one of my favorites in Savannah. Just love it," shares innkeeper Jackie Heinz.
  • City Market (WSAV YOUTUBE video link)
  • Stores at Congress St. at Barnard Street
  • City Hall Council Chambers (Mayor)
  • Massey Heritage Center, Calhoun Square (Meeting)
  • Madison Square (Sweeper)
  • Federal Court House on Wright Square (Golfer's arrival at the train station)
  • Lucas Theater on Abercorn at York Street (Street of excited townsfolk)
  • Drayton Street at York Street
Historic district movie location in downtown Savannah GA
The Federal Courthouse (L) on Wright Square in springtime.
In the center of the square is
the W. W. Gordon Monument (R), honoring The
South's most prominent railroad pioneer.
"I also loved Jack Lemmon in that movie," adds the former golf-shop owner / golfer / innkeeper Jackie Heinz. 

"You remember, of course, that Jack Lemmon makes a cameo in Baggar Vance?" He portrays the older Hardy Greaves, once a young caddy to the young Junah.

"In real life Jack Lemmon loved the game of golf and played in celebrity tournaments often. His favorite that he played every year was the Pebble Beach Pro Am. He played in that tournament for over 35 years and never once made the cut to play on the final day; but, he kept on playing every year. Just like he talked about in the movie [The Legend of Baggar Vance, 2000], you just keep on playing, looking for that one perfect swing or shot. After so many years of not making the cut, people were always cheering, hoping he would finally make it, but he never did. You had to admire his tenacity to keep coming back all those years. He truly loved the game!" The Legend of Baggar Vance was Mr. Lemmon's final film before his death in 2001.
Storyline Summary: "A disillusioned war veteran, Captain Rannulph Junah [Matt Damon], reluctantly agrees with his beautiful girlfriend from a rich family, Adele Invergordon [Charlize Theron] to play a game of golf. Junah finds the game futile until his caddy, Bagger Vance [Will Smith], teaches him the secret of the authentic golf stroke, which turns out also to be the secret to mastering any challenge and finding meaning in life." -- Source with our edits: IMDb, M. Fowler
And, then there was dancing ... and blues music!
Rannulph Junuh [Matt Daman]: What was it Adele?... What did you like about us?...
Adele Invergordon [Charlize Theron]: I liked the way we danced....
Movie quotes from The Legend of Baggar Vance.
Jackie has a few recommendations, too, about where to dance in downtown Savannah. 

My guests enjoy Jazz’d Tapas Bar (Barnard Street at Broughton Street, lower level) or Mata Hari on lower Factor's Walk. I think AquaStar Seafood Restaurant, housed in the Westin hotel on Hutchison Island, has jazz music and swing dancing periodically, in addition to a Jazz trio on Sundays for brunch.  Savannah Smiles is one of those louder places that is more geared to a younger crowd, not much slow dance music there! Most of the other City Market and River Street pubs cater to the 20's crowd, who begin their nightlife around 10:00 p.m. Surprisingly, I watch for big band events at the American Legion near Forsyth Park, dance classes at the Telfair Museums and, of course, Swing Dance Parties during the Savannah Music Festival (March - April, annually) held at the Ships of the Sea Museum and Charles H. Morris Center."   

So, do you think you have lost your swing?
Bagger Vance: See, the trick is... to find your swing...
Rannulph Junuh: What'd you say?...
Bagger Vance: Well you lost your swing... We got to go find it... Now it's somewhere... in the harmony... of all that is... All that was... All that will be...
-- Quotes from The Legend of Baggar Vance movie
Jackie Heinz will help lodging guests at Zeigler House Inn to find your swing. Just let us know when you're ready for a golf vacation in Savannah or a romantically sportive getaway in historic Savannah, Georgia USA! 

ABOUT ZEIGLER HOUSE INN, a top-pick Savannah bed and breakfast inn in the downtown historic district.

An elegant model of Savannah’s world-famous historic restoration, the stately Zeigler House Inn (circa 1856) is a Salzberger lumber merchant’s family mansion transformed to seven French-inspired lodging suites and rooms in the downtown Savannah's National Landmark Historic District. At the top-rated Savannah bed and breakfast inn the caterer-turned-innkeeper, Jackie Heinz, serves in-room breakfasts, home baked pastries worthy of a French p√Ętisserie storefront, plus en vogue bed and breakfast comforts and southern hospitality. For more information, contact Zeigler House Inn — email or telephone toll free 866/233-5307 in the USA, or 912/233-5307 local or international; 121 West Jones Street, Savannah, Georgia USA 31401. Twitter @ZeiglerHouseInn, Facebook and Pinterest.

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