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#Savannah: Paint the Town with Red, White and Blue Flair, Says the Top-rated Zeigler House Inn

SAVANNAH Georgia (June 16, 2014) -- On the 4th of July in Savannah's Deep South after a salute to America's red, white, and blue flag, you'll be dazzled when you discover even more red, white and blue in some of the best Savannah food, eateries, picnics, and beverages. 

Zeigler House Inn's Jackie Heinz gets into the red, white and blue
spirit on magnificent Jones Street in patriotic Savannah, Georgia USA!
Photo © 2014 Zeigler House Inn / Sandy Traub
Any Savannah foodie's bucket list for July 4th will be long and tantalizingly delicious. We'll be among the first to start off this patriotic Savannah nod with specifics -- white wine, white linens, blue crabs, Savannah Red Rice, red and white radicchio, red pepper jelly or vinaigrette with red onions, Strawberry Mint Sweet Tea, and laced in somewhere are red fish [red drum], new red potatoes, red hot chili pepper, "red apples" ['tomatas'], red wine vinegar, red peppercorns, white rum, red wine, and bite-into-sweet, white Vidalia onions.

How is that for starters?! 
From this top-pick place to stay in Savannah, we might ask, too "What's the best part of all this?" We cheer, salute, wave our pride-provoking flag of the United States of America, sing patriotic tunes, and dine on red, white and blue ... just about every day of the year!

Yes, Sir and Ma'am! In Savannah, Georgia, we're patriotic not just on the 4th of July, Independence Day Weekend, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and D-Day!  It may seem a small thing, but you'll see our Savannah inn's American flag flying year around.
Every Fourth of July, we flaunt Uncle Sam hats, wave our flag, and watch fireworks shoot sparks into the night sky. But many never even stop to ask the question, “Why does America salute the red, white and blue?” -- Time magazine, Nicole Greenstein, July 4, 2013
Old Glory flies year around at Zeigler House Inn,
a top-pick Savannah historic bed and breakfast
located on magnificent Jones Street in
the historic district.

Ready for a few Savannah, Georgia, pointers now of where to savor a few red, white and blue southern morsels, plus color-rich beverages? OK, here we go!

At Alligator Soul, for a fine dining dinner (or happy hour toddies and small plates), superlatives are always accurate. To the British, bonny and bountiful might start the descriptions of wonderful food and welcoming, fine dining atmosphere. 
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Strawberry Basil Rum cocktail
  • Spring Cherry Bourbon Cobbler, made with Spring Cherries and Cherry Bourbon
  • Brandied Blueberries and Thyme 
  • Parfait of Scallops Carpaccio layered with blueberries, raspberries and boysenberries plus hazelnuts.
From Crystal Beer Parlor, where there's a sign on the wall, "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted." ~ Mae West --
  • Savannah's second oldest restaurant and bar, Crystal Beer Parlor serves up Creamy blue crab dip 
  • White mushroom caps stuffed with garlic, sun dried tomatoes and basil 
  • It's not red, white or blue but you'll want the warm Gawgia Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream! 
Trivia at the Crystal Beer Parlor! Monday's at 8:00pm! With Drink Specials and a chance to compete for $6000.00!!! The BIGGEST CASH prize available anywhere in Savannah! 
 From a.lure [pronounced ah-lure] restaurant --
  • House-Made Potato Chips with Bleu Cheese Fondue (GF)
    Crumble sweetgrass dairy bleu cheese, red pepper and scallion confetti
  • Low Country Boil. Local wild shrimp, blue crab cake, baby potatoes, smoked sausage, spicy collards, sweet corn flan, old bay hollandaise
From AquaStar restaurant --
  • Pan flashed blue crab, spicy orange chili sauce and sautĂ©ed spinach
  • Weekly selection of European and artisans' cheese -- Savannah​ bee honeycomb, imported crackers, chilled oven roasted pear, berry compote
  • Savannah Signature Pot Pie -- lump blue crab, wild shrimp, scallops, lobster, bercy sauce [fish stock, white wine, shallots], chive whipped potatoes, seasonal vegetables
From The Pirates' House restaurant --
  • Carolina Smoked Trout w/ Red Pepper Jelly.
  • Buccaneer Red Velvet Cupcakes.
We hope you will want to get away to our top-rated historic Savannah bed and breakfast inn -- Zeigler House Inn -- for your summer vacation in patriotic Savannah. Our Kentucky-born, 'steel magnolia' innkeeper has more southern insider stories and tips to share!

Our historic Savannah bed and breakfast
inn on Jones Street is decorated for July 4th!
This top-rated Savannah inn's owner, Jackie Heinz
is the caterer-turned-innkeeper, southern
hostess and storyteller extraordinaire!
(Have you met a steel magnolia?)
Photo © Zeigler House Inn / Sandy Traub
ABOUT ZEIGLER HOUSE INN, a top pick Savannah bed and breakfast inn in the historic district.

An elegant model of Savannah’s world-famous historic restoration, the stately Zeigler House Inn (circa 1856) is a Salzberger lumber merchant’s family mansion transformed to seven lodging suites and room in the downtown Savannah's National Landmark Historic District. At the top-rated Savannah bed and breakfast inn the caterer-turned-innkeeper, Jackie Heinz, serves in-room breakfasts, home baked pastries worthy of a French pâtisserie storefront, plus en vogue bed and breakfast comforts and southern hospitality. For more information, contact Zeigler House Inn — email innkeeper@zeiglerhouseinn.com or telephone toll free 866/233-5307 in the USA, or 912/233-5307 local or international; 121 West Jones Street, Savannah, Georgia USA 31401. Twitter @ZeiglerHouseInn, Facebook and Pinterest.

Trivia -- Source: USConsulate.org
Q1. When are new stars added to the flag?
A1. A new star is added to the flag on the July 4th following the entry into the Union of the new state.

Q2. What are the specifications for the colors of the flag?
A2. In the Pantone system the colors are: Blue PMS 282 and Red PMS 193. 

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