Monday, May 26, 2014

A Rainy Day in #Savannah, #Georgia: What Does Zeigler House Inn Like Best?

Just 20 minutes from downtown Savannah
Tybee Island beach at sunrise with
rain clouds just above the horizon.
Photo © Jerry Harris
SAVANNAH Georgia -- (May 26, 2014) -- As we pause to write this post, it's a patriotic, rainy #MemorialDay Monday holiday in Savannah. 

Yet visitors move along undeterred by the day's drizzles or spurts of heavier rain. People on the sidewalks simply pause under awnings temporarily, take time for window shopping, or head into a bakery, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, or martini bar for impromptu refreshments.

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ― Roger Miller

Our guests and all of us at Zeigler House Inn, an historic Savannah inn in the National Landmark Historic District, get to enjoy nature's rainfall ... from the inn's tall windows, our porch overlooking magnificent Jones Street, or the relaxing veranda porch. 

What do we like best about rain in Savannah? 

  1. Greenery glistens. Savannah needs the rain for our urban forest to remain lush and beautifully green.
  2. Flowers seem to smile. The color-rich and fragrant, secret gardens and squares (garden parks) please so many Savannah visitors!
  3. The pitter patter rhythm spills onto our windows. Nature seems to dance on the window sill.
  4. It's a calming showtime of water cascading rain or spraying mist drizzles. 
  5. Rain in Savannah is a reminder that there is a time for all things great and small in nature.
  6. There's a refreshing smell of cooling rain hitting the steamy Savannah sidewalks. 
  7. Rain cools the spring, summer, and fall air.
  8. Even when the storm clouds gather, we think of how blessed we are to live in America. Especially today and patriotic holidays, the tune "God Bless America" comes to mind. (Of course, the storm clouds were of World War II looming in the song.) 
  9. The birds seem to love it! Listen to how happy they are in the early morning following a rain.
  10. Rainfall replenishes Savannah's natural aquifers.  
"What's the first thing an actor learns? 'The show must go on!' Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, the show MUST go on! " -- Cosmo Brown, Singing in the Rain
Savannah in the rain. Photo © Jerry Harris
Out and about, there are things to do in Savannah when it rains. 
  1. Head to the corner cafe, pub, ice cream or chocolate bar to get to know the locals. If 'cabin fever' is setting in during a downpour, even these rainy days are great times to mosey about. In The South, it's called "visiting". Our caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz has fabulous recommendations of when and where to go.
  2. Rainy days offer relaxing time to settle in for pillow book (diary or journal) postings, a spontaneous romantic interlude, or catching up on a chapter or two reading a delicious book.
  3. Stroll to downtown museums. There are scores on the classic art and modern art you'd expect at Telfair Academy of Art, and Telfair Museums' Jepson Center, a modern art museum. And there are more museums like Savannah College of Art and Design Museum of Art (SCAD MOA), Ships of the Sea, Girl Scouts' founder Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low's birthplace, Savannah Historic Museum, and mansion museums like Owens-Thomas House and Davenport House where architecture and 19th century living are on display. There's even an auto racing mini museum. 
  4. Head over to Chippewa Square and take in a fabulously entertaining Savannah Theatre musical. Matinees are usually around 3:00 p.m. and evening shows are generally at 8:00 p.m.
  5. Take in the art galleries where you are apt to find budding artists whose works are still affordable. 
  6. Order dinner or lunch in. Serendipity takes over when you enjoy dining in at the inn, in suite, in the grand dining room, or on the veranda. 
  7. Take a trolley tour. Yes, when it's raining. The trolley's offer shelter and you're moving about the downtown or riding out to our famous cemeteries, like Bonaventure Cemetery or Greenwich. They are like manicured gardens, bejeweled with granite and marble art statues.
...Heavy rain fallin', seems I hear your voice callin' "It's all right."
A rainy night in Georgia, a rainy night in Georgia....

-- Rainy Night in Georgia, lyrics by Tony Joe White (who didn't have to work driving a dump truck when it rained in Marietta, Georgia; 1962)

Rainy days and nights are some of our favorite times! Rainy days and Mondays never get me down, or make me frown, or feel old. [We think The Carpenters have that all wrong, too!]

Anyway, get away to Savannah and Zeigler House Inn when you can. There's never a bad day to visit Savannah, Georgia USA! Take advantage of Summer Specials when you stay July 15 - August 28, 2014.

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