Wednesday, April 30, 2014

“INN” Search in Savannah Tour Guide Manual Gives Charming Savannah Visit Insights, Like Award-wINNing, INNovative, PINNacle, and DINNer!

Savannah, Georgia (April 30, 2014) – We were curious: How many places would “INN” appear in the City of Savannah Tour Guide Manual?  INN appearing is a portion of the words is what surprised us!  Now we're curious and continue the search.

Horse carriages in Savannah are a popular way
to explore the National Landmark Historic District --
a 2.5 mile area, slightly expanded from
Georgia founder James Oglethorpe's
innovative city plan. Photo © Jerry Harris
Those INN words paint a delicious broad stroke to introduce you to beautiful, historic Savannah --  WINNING ARCHITECTURE, INNOVATIVE CITY PLAN, a presidential DINNER, Button GWINNETT, SOCIETY OF CINCINNATI, and BEGINNING in many different places. Historic INNs offer character-rich back stories and modern-day lodging, too.

Let's begin with ZEIGLER HOUSE INN, before we get to our fascinating findings.

ZEIGLER HOUSE INN is a privately-owned, family-owned inn on magnificent Jones Street. “Jones Street is often cited as the premier residential street in the Historic District”, the Tour Guide Manual states.  

Our Savannah INN's character-rich story is of Salzburg lumber merchant, Solomon Zeigler who came from the religious Ebenezer community to do business in the city. Using mahogany, oak, and pine lumber, he built this stately brick family townhome in 1856, now ZEIGLER HOUSE INN. In this Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, we'll add also that Mr. Zeigler was among the business and civic leaders who decided also to surrender Savannah to Union General William Sherman, rather than have Savannah destroyed, as was the fate of Atlanta during the Civil War (1861-1865).


Tall ship docked on the Savannah River.
In foreground are Colonial-era warehouses.
In background is Savannah's first sky scraper
and City Hall (dome). Photo © Jerry Harris
INNOVATIVE CITY PLAN FOR SAVANNAH.  One of Oglethorpe’s most enduring contributions was the development and implementation of an innovative CITY PLAN for Savannah (ca. 1733), which included a grid iron street system and green space.

AWARD WINNING ARCHITECTURE.  As one walks from square to square, passing each building, discovering a different nuance of detailing, from the eaves to the railings and stairs, the visual-architectural experience can be as overwhelming to the eye as a symphony is to the ear." --Eric Meyerhoff, Savannah architect who is renowned for the Gunn & Meyerhoff renovation to create Rousakis Plaza on Savannah River Street.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Holidays in Savannah: Easter with Zeigler House Inn's Tastemaker Innkeeper

Spring vacation at Zeigler House Inn.
SAVANNAH Georgia (April 17, 2014) -- #Savannah tastemaker, innkeeper Jackie Heinz at Zeigler House Inn sets a sublime #Easter tablescape!
"Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life." -- Janine di Giovanni
Why simply fantasize about a Savannah holiday trip?

These inspiring images (snapped April 17, 2014) capture a mere glimpse of Jackie's attention to detail and her eagerness to deliver something new to the Savannah inn's guests for every visit.  Spring's bounty is showcased in the Easter tablescape garden featuring parrot tulips and a rainbow colored flower and candle vases.

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”
― William Shakespeare, Sonnet XCVIII
Festive Easter holidays at Zeigler House Inn

The Lemon Cake could stand alone on a crystal plate. But, true to form, Jackie adds little extras -- simple fern greenery and snips small buds to add a festive splash of color.  More finger pastries
tempt guests on the antique sideboard (background above).

You don't need a special event to enjoy Savannah, but maybe a few ideas about a Savannah trip in  May 2014 might help.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Colloquial, Informal, Conversational Summer Vacations in Savannah Begin at Zeigler House Inn Bed and Breakfast

SAVANNAH Georgia (April 14, 2014) -- Savannah, the tourist haven known for its vibrant port city, 19th Century architecture, southern charm, and friendly people year around becomes more colloquial, informal and conversational in summer. That is the viewpoint of innkeeper Jackie Heinz of Zeigler House Inn, a top-pick bed and breakfast lodging on Jones Street in the Savannah historic district. 

Downtown July 4th fireworks are from
the Savannah River waterfront.
This photo is of Tybee Island beach
summer fireworks. Photo: KeysPhotography.
Use Under Creative Commons Attribution
2.5 Generic License.
A summer vacation in Savannah lacks "hastening"! The pace in Savannah slows more for laid back days and nights on the Georgia Coast. It's a time when you will want to slow down to tap into lively conversations with the character-rich locals.

In this blog post we can only skim the surface of what Savannah uniquely offers for a summer vacation; but oh, the nostalgia of it all when locals begin to tell the local stories!

In a less-hurried summer vacation in Savannah, May through September, you'll discover Savannah’s everyday-life destinations are intriguing, sometimes more interesting than the tourist destinations.

August is the ideal time for a laid-back summer vacation. It's when families are heading homeward, readying for school days, and the city and Tybee Island beach become the romantic's real world of Johnny Mercer's "Summer Wind" lyrics. 

Savannah's places, people and experiences are the things, people and places we at Zeigler House Inn want to show our visitors. Those don't exist back home in the Midwest or Canada or Australia, New York or Chicago. We'll introduce you to the locals’ favorite spots and help you to enjoy the contrasting ways of life found in Savannah and along the Georgia Coast.

Check out Zeigler House Inn's summer lodging deals, valid July 15, 2014 - August 28, 2014. We recommend early booking. In years past, Zeigler House Inn's summer specials mean this top-pick bed and breakfast sells out quickly. 

Beyond the colloquial, informal, and conversational atmosphere within Zeigler House Inn, we have a few things to do and happenings for 2014 Summer in Savannah and along the coast -- baseball, shag beach dancing, boiled peanuts, and "going-back-to-town" from Tybee Island.