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The Secret Ingredient for an Extraordinary Historic Savannah Vacation? Our Historic Savannah Inn on Jones Street

Savannah stories are secret
ingredients for a good time
during a Savannah visit.
Here innkeeper Jackie Heinz,
channels "Forrest Gump" --
a movie by the same name
that was filmed
primarily in Savannah, GA.
SAVANNAH Georgia (March 10, 2014) -- Bed and breakfast innkeeper Jackie Heinz is the foodie's ideal southern host! Before moving to Savannah and purchasing Zeigler House Inn, she was a popular caterer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jackie was reared in Kentucky, the land of Mint Juleps and Churchill Downs. She learned to cook and bake in her grandmother's kitchen.

When you visit, ask Jackie to see her grandmother's rolling pen, crafted by a family member. 
As St. Patrick's Day approaches, we were perusing for unique recipes. We stumbled across an article about Irish Beef Stew in Mrs. Belanger's blog. She praised "the best Irish beef stew ever...." The "secret ingredient turned out to be parsnips!" she writes.

Now that was a moment we'll remember! Someone generously sharing the secret ingredient!


We appreciate learning secrets to success, and at Zeigler House Inn, we are happy to share. 

From knowledgeable chefs or tourism insiders, it is the little tips -- the secret ingredients -- that seem to make things simple! Take, for example, Jackie's recipe for Red, White and Blue White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

Jackie gives tips to the reader. It's "not recommended for outside warm weather". She reminds the reader "chocolate will not adhere to wet strawberries", "blue sugar is available at Michael's craft store", and to melt the chocolate in "45- or 60-second intervals, stirring between each time to ensure that the chocolate is melting evening and not burning". [Recipe is below.]

Jackie's generosity to share recommendations helps the novice and offers fresh tips for the expert cook. 


Answer: The historic bed and breakfast inn -- family owned and personally hosted by socially engaging, well-traveled, and talented owners.

When riding a trolley or biking in the historic district, one sees the architecture, gardens and comes to appreciate the legendary Savannah City Plan that originated during the founding days of 1733. Don't you want to see and appreciate the artisan workmanship inside the 19th Century Savannah homes?  Don't you wonder about the day-to-day life of how residents from internationals to life-long southerners live in the National Landmark Historic District today?

Our great neighbors in the Savannah's beautiful historic district are a wonderful cross-section of generous folks -- corporate professionals, retirees, young families, educators and students, artists, writers, philanthropists, and shop keepers. Private owners work to maintain beautiful properties, without stipends or grants. So, the pride of owning property contributes to the caring, picturesque tapestry of Savannah's beauty. 

To stay overnight in a lovingly renovated and decorated historic home -- re-purposed for bed and breakfast guests visiting Savannah -- is to also partake of the home owner's southern hospitality.

So you see, under the roof of the family-owned bed and breakfast inn is the core secret ingredient for the best stay in Savannah, Georgia USA. More secret ingredients are percolating, baking, waiting in the well-stocked refrigerators in each room, and awaiting for Friday night's hors d'oeuvres with haunted tales in Zeigler House Inn's formal parlor that overlooks Jones Street.

We hope you'll take full advantage of a stay at Zeigler House Inn. You are sure to take home some of the secret ingredients you discover! 
Recipe: Red White and Blue White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
1 pint fresh large, beautiful strawberries (appx. 12 oz.)
4 oz. white chocolate (chips or block)
Blue sugar (Jackie purchased from Michael's craft store)

Carefully wash and dry strawberries and set aside on towel. Chocolate will not adhere to wet strawberries. Line a baking sheet or cutting board with wax paper or parchment paper.

Chop up the chocolate roughly with a knife if it is in block form. In a medium-sized, microwave safe bowl, melt the chocolate in double boiler pot or microwave. For microwave: Heat it in 45 or 60-second intervals, stirring between each time to ensure that the chocolate is melting evenly and not burning.

Meanwhile, mix blue food coloring and white sugar into a small bowl to desired color. Set it aside. When chocolate is smooth, dip the berries 3/4 of the way into the chocolate. With the chocolate still warm, dip the tips into the blue sugar, and place on wax paper.

Refrigerate berries until ready to serve. Enjoy!
Copyright © 2014 Zeigler House Inn / Sandy Traub 

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