Monday, March 31, 2014

Lodging Deals for Summer Vacation in Savannah at Zeigler House Inn B&B

SAVANNAH, Georgia (March 31, 2014) -- Jackie Heinz at Zeigler House Inn in the Savannah historic district announces summer vacation rates and summer deals that will be available for lodging at this popular Savannah bed and breakfast July 15, 2014 - August 28, 2014.  Holidays and special event dates are excluded from this special pricing.
French Country room at Zeigler House Inn in
historic Savannah, Georgia USA.
Each room features a full or mini-kitchen.

- Best available room at time of booking.
- $169/night Monday-Thursday, plus tax.
- Friday - Sunday is 15% off high season rates.
- Complimentary in-suite breakfast, afternoon pastries, hot and cold beverages, plus parking are included.

** These rates are only good on new reservations booked after April 1, 2014 and before August 28, 2014.

We recommend early booking. In years past, Zeigler House Inn's summer specials mean the top-pick bed and breakfast will sell out quickly. Call toll free USA 866-233-5307 or local for 912-233-5307 reservations; or email


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

From the Savannah River to Forsyth Park, Partner with an Historic District Park Bench for Ten Minutes!

SAVANNAH Georgia (March 25, 2014) -- At the core of the Savannah bed and breakfast experience is a richer appreciation and getting closer to what is dearest in America's most beautiful city. From Zeigler House Inn, a top-pick bed and breakfast lodging in Savannah, we take this opportunity to introduce you to Savannah park benches.

For an athlete, the bench is a not-so-popular spot. For a Savannah tourist and joyful Girls Scouts on a walkabout in downtown Savannah, it's a whole new and wonderfully different story. 

Park bench, facing the Cathedral of
St. John the Baptist in Lafayette Square.
Photo © Sandy Traub

Sometime when we are at a loss for ideas in entertainment and fun, we suggest turning to the polite society arena of the stalwart park bench. Delightful beauty, priceless moments, friendly people and stories can be found there.

Even bed and breakfast inn owners welcome the social visiting time in the park squares. It's a refreshing opportunity to mosey along and sit for a spell on one of the well-placed Savannah park benches.

From the Savannah River throughout Forsyth Park, the park bench holds historic ground. So much so, that urban creatives may very well claim that each could speak with authority -- sure to be character-rich and endearing stories, we'd expect!

Lovely backdrops and colorful scenery surround these al fresco seats in the National Landmark Historic District. Wouldn't it be pretty fabulous if one could spend a day (or every day!) there, sitting on prime turf in charming Savannah, Georgia spots? Envy might set in if we spend too much time on this thought!

Would you think that these benches might facilitate modern-day squatters! Oh, no! We prefer to think the Savannah park benches play an important role in the social scene ... fully appreciated by weary runners or walking travelers enjoying Savannah's garden beauty in the squares and vast open spaces!

Who wouldn't want to befriend a park bench?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Irish Holidays in Savannah: St. Patrick's Day at Zeigler House Inn

SAVANNAH, Georgia (March 17, 2014) -- There's a popular Irish saying, "If you're enough lucky to be Irish, you're lucky enough!" This Irish sentiment is not only popular in Savannah, the belief looms bigger than life on March 17th each year for the Irish holiday -- St. Patrick's Day in downtown Savannah, even for those whose ancestry is not traced to Ireland!

At Zeigler House Inn, B&B innkeeper Jackie Heinz
prepared fresh Irish Pancakes with maple syrup and Irish
butter, plus Irish Coffee. Green accessories get
the Savannah inn's bed and breakfast guests ready
for the Irish parties, parade, and holiday festivities.
At Zeigler House Inn's bed and breakfast in downtown Savannah, adapted a bit, the saying would hold true also -- "If you're enough lucky to be a lodging guest here for St. Patrick's Day weekend, you're lucky enough!"

Beyond Jackie's homemade breakfast and pastry-shop-worthy sweets, our historic inn's guests enjoy Irish food that helps while imbibing, sometimes too much!

One must eat hearty with substantial food if one wants to attempt drinking like an Irishman or Irish lassie!

Recipe: Irish Pancakes

They must be cooked right after mixing, as the acid in the buttermilk starts to react with the baking soda at once. From

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Two Stars in Savannah Tourism To Be Seen in National Lifestyle Magazines in May 2014

Two "Stars in Savannah" tourism -- Zeigler House Inn
and Green Palm Inn -- will be seen in May 2014
lifestyle magazines promoting Georgia Tourism.

SAVANNAH Georgia (March 15, 2014) — A new branding piece — “Two Stars in Savannah” — comes from two top-rated bed and breakfast inns who have earned top-pick spots in Savannah, Georgia USA tourism. 

Green Palm Inn and Zeigler House Inn are taking part in State of Georgia tourism promotions in the May 2014 issues of Better Homes and Garden, Ladies Home Journal, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and Family Circle magazines!

The bed and breakfasts’ new found national reach began last year when each B&B was featured on Wheel of Fortune. 

Are the two small historic inns following the admonition of Horace — “Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.”?

Amid millions of Savannah visitors annually, the two family- and privately-owned historic inns continually rise as ‘two stars’, hosting hundreds of Savannah leisure and business travelers each year. They are among 40+ historic bed and breakfasts in the National Landmark Historic District.

Brand strategist Sandy Traub gives insights into the success of the two small lodging businesses.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Secret Ingredient for an Extraordinary Historic Savannah Vacation? Our Historic Savannah Inn on Jones Street

Savannah stories are secret
ingredients for a good time
during a Savannah visit.
Here innkeeper Jackie Heinz,
channels "Forrest Gump" --
a movie by the same name
that was filmed
primarily in Savannah, GA.
SAVANNAH Georgia (March 10, 2014) -- Bed and breakfast innkeeper Jackie Heinz is the foodie's ideal southern host! Before moving to Savannah and purchasing Zeigler House Inn, she was a popular caterer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jackie was reared in Kentucky, the land of Mint Juleps and Churchill Downs. She learned to cook and bake in her grandmother's kitchen.

When you visit, ask Jackie to see her grandmother's rolling pen, crafted by a family member. 
As St. Patrick's Day approaches, we were perusing for unique recipes. We stumbled across an article about Irish Beef Stew in Mrs. Belanger's blog. She praised "the best Irish beef stew ever...." The "secret ingredient turned out to be parsnips!" she writes.

Now that was a moment we'll remember! Someone generously sharing the secret ingredient!


We appreciate learning secrets to success, and at Zeigler House Inn, we are happy to share. 

From knowledgeable chefs or tourism insiders, it is the little tips -- the secret ingredients -- that seem to make things simple! Take, for example, Jackie's recipe for Red, White and Blue White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

Jackie gives tips to the reader. It's "not recommended for outside warm weather". She reminds the reader "chocolate will not adhere to wet strawberries", "blue sugar is available at Michael's craft store", and to melt the chocolate in "45- or 60-second intervals, stirring between each time to ensure that the chocolate is melting evening and not burning". [Recipe is below.]

Jackie's generosity to share recommendations helps the novice and offers fresh tips for the expert cook.