Sunday, January 5, 2014

What To Do in Savannah on a Chilly, Cloudy, Winter Day? Zeigler House Inn Shares Insider Tips For An Indulgent Winter Day on the Georgia Coast

SAVANNAH Georgia (January 4, 2014) -- These chilly January days in Savannah call out "collard greens, hot-from-the-oven cobbler, a cocoa toddy, classic movies, and camellias." Yes, we hit upon a nice string of "C" words, didn't we!?

We love these cuddle up days! But, when you want to do more than snuggle, our Savannah bed and breakfast innkeeper, Jackie Heinz has excellent ideas of what to do in Savannah.

For a chilly Savannah GA lunch in January ...
hearty, warm chili with fresh picked southern
camellias for the table.
Consistently Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast's name comes last in alphabetical listings of Savannah lodging choices, particularly in the Savannah bed and breakfast places to stay.  Popular and top-rated, we take nice opportunities ... like this winter bed and breakfast blog post ... to settle in on a few more of the English alphabet's words towards the top of the alphabet. "C" works for today, as we follow along with the ones that got us started on this thread in the first place -- CHILLY, CLOUDY January day. 

It's a time when warming up stays top of mind, so it will come as no surprise also that winter is prime time for discovering COMFORT southern food.

With no particular places to be, let's hop scotch through Savannah, taking frequent mini-breaks where we can cuddle up with stop-worthy southern food, friendly folks, or at least warm thoughts of Savannah's southern teasers.