Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In Historic Savannah GA: Storybook Holidays with Zeigler House Inn's Southern Gentlefolks

Zeigler House Inn extends an invitation to get away to holiday, heritage and hospitality in the Savannah historic district's village setting -- 19th century architecture gussied up with sweet laughter, festive lights, heritage-rich cuisine, and Southern family stories. 

Christmas Holidays in Savannah at Zeigler House Inn
Photo (c) 2013 Zeigler House Inn
SAVANNAH Georgia (September 25, 2013) -- "All is calm, all is bright” in the prominent residential neighborhood of brick-cobbled Jones Street in Savannah’s National Landmark District. From Columbus Day through Christmas, the 2013 holidays are destined to be extraordinary at the elegant Zeigler House Inn. In mid-September caterer-turned-innkeeper Jackie Heinz is busy selecting the Christmas d├ęcor and testing the heritage-rich cake recipes.

“Discerning travelers are looking now for unique fall and winter holiday places, and we’d love for them to find and choose Zeigler House Inn,” states the Kentucky-born innkeeper of the popular seven-room historic inn. "I want travelers to know in addition to comfort, convenience and connectivity, they'll enjoy wonderful days and nights that are merry and bright here."

Yes, the inn's simple indulgences make the stay affordable. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, parking, in-suite breakfast, beverages and snacks, plus afternoon desserts. Farm to table is one of the inn's specialties also during Friday and Saturday evening hors d'oeuvres.

The innkeeper points out that many travel editors and writers recommend the city’s historic bed and breakfasts to tap into more engaging charm and insights from the locals. "U.S. and international travelers tell us also how much they adore the slower southern pace and the friendly welcome,” Jackie adds.

For the Love of #Savannah History: Our Historic Jones Street Neighbor

117 Jones Street, West, Savannah,
Chatham County, Georgia
Photographer: Frances Benjamin Johnston,
1864-1952; Date Created/Published: [1939 or 1944]
Source: Library of Congress
SAVANNAH Georgia (October 15, 2013) -- Combing through the Library of Congress archives recently we found a photo of 117 West Jones Street.

In the background of the photograph (upper right) is Zeigler House Inn, located at 121 West Jones Street, Savannah. In this 1939 (or 1944) photograph is a one-story building in between the homes of 117 West Jones and 121 West Jones. It is obviously out of place by today's standards of historic homes on Jones Street.

The conspicuous little building is not there today. Zeigler House Inn's Jackie Heinz shares some insights.  

"The small building in the middle was built some time after the turn of the century. It was a business that caught fire and was demolished. Once upon a time that historic district lot belonged to Mr. Solomon Zeigler, who owned the inn's land and built our stately home (circa 1858).

"The lot next to us (which would be 119 West Jones Street) was considered a surveyed city lot and, therefore, was sold separately from the main house. After the fire, 119 West Jones remained an empty lot for some time. Later it was bought by our neighbors who owned the brick row house next door (117 West Jones). Today it is their side courtyard garden."

Friday, October 11, 2013

'Wiches and Spirits and Brews: Zeigler House Inn Makes Fall in #Savannah Introductions

SAVANNAH Georgia (October 11, 2013) -- "Get packin' then scamper along, even for last minute travel to Savannah for autumn holidays 2013," says Jackie Heinz at Zeigler House Inn. Just in time for the beautiful fall holiday season -- Columbus Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving -- our Savannah inn's fun-loving innkeeper is introducing you to the best lunch in Savannah, some served in the best bars in Savannah.

Jackie's personal lunch -- "Duck Pate Panini"
served with orzo salad,
fresh grapes, and glass of red wine.
For an of-the-moment getaway to Savannah, our southern-born owner/innkeeper has conjured up a list of uncommon Top 10 'Wiches and Spirits and Brews' for autumn 2013. The brews open up imaginations for unlimited concoctions!

Our holiday gems offer options for bargain holidays with a stop at ramshackled tiki-style pub, a downtown cafe with lane-only access, or fine dining surroundings along the Savannah River or a prestigious 18th era mansion. We believe our pairings for "'Wiches and Spirits and Brews" will help new tourists and our inn's returning or new guests to delve into the core of Savannah's rich dining experiences for Fall 2013.

In part our recommendations are based also on the uncommon ways that Savannah's friendly people make us feel when we dine in these local character-rich #Savannah cafes, pubs and restaurants. Enjoy!