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Why Savannah? Z-to-A Fun Ideas from Zeigler House Inn B&B in Historic Savannah GA

SAVANNAH Georgia (June 18, 2013) – Always at the end of alphabetical listings, Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast decides to answer the age old question, “Why Savannah?” -- an historical, fun city with fun things to do.

Of course, we’ll begin with “Z”.

Playful & fun, Zeigler House Inn's Jackie Heinz
is dressed as Forrest Gump. Savannah
was a movie location for the popular movie.
"Life is like a box of chocolates."
Z – The place for Zzzzzzzzz’s in Savannah -- Zeigler House Inn B&B. With its easy privacy and distinctive southern comforts, you can enjoy breakfast in bed (if you like), Chilled Tea for 2! (an additional perk for summer 2013), and convenient location in the historic district on Jones Street near Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room.

Y – Y’all! It’s the welcoming term for “you all”. – Y’all will love Savannah!

X – X-ray. Early development of X-ray began here in Savannah, by a Jones Street doctor.

W – Walking! Flat Savannah and east/west, north/south streets make a brisk walk or leisure stroll so easy.

V – Verse to Vegetarian’s haven. Fresh markets, vegan and vegetarian restaurants are near, and plentiful in Savannah.

T – Tea Party for Two! Yes, our Savannah bed and breakfast introduced the “Chilled Tea Party for Two!” as a comp summer 2013 perk. It’s getting great buzz! Tea cafes, too, like Savannah Tea Room, and SCAD's Gryphon serve up delicious tea lunches. Southern tea (sweet tea, of course) is year around.

S – Speakeasy, sassy southern women, seafood, shrimp and grits, and southern food. Yes, Zeigler House Inn has private passes to the speakeasy (for our guests), plus recommendations where to find the rest.

R – Rain. Yes, we love the rain, especially the summer rain. It cools the air, keeps Savannah’s gardens and landscapes lush, the pollen tamed, and gives one the opportunity to pretend to be Gene Kelly – dancing and Singing the Rain.

Innkeeper Jackie at Clary's Diner, a movie
location in "Midnight in the Garden of Good
and Evil", directed by Clint Eastwood.
The Savannah murder mystery
is based on the novel by John Berendt.
Q – Quasi calm and peacefully quiet, except for St. Patrick’s Day celebration time [around March 17]!

P – Pulitzer Prize® winning poet’s hometown – Conrad Aiken. Pair martini cocktails with a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery. Graveside Mr. Aiken and his wife placed a marble bench just for visitors to sit a spell and visit.

O – Onseason and onstage. Savannah seems to be always onseason and dressed for company, onshore near the Atlantic Ocean.

N – Nature encircles – the terrestrial and aquatic, the night sky to the brilliant sunrises and sunsets, the gardens. The city tree-scapes shade and colorful flowers decorate our corner of the world.

M – Mannerisms, museums, mint julep and martinis, shaken or stirred. Savannah society is known for its good manners and friendly welcome. The South’s oldest museum is here – Telfair Academy of Arts. Of course, we enjoy our southern cocktails!

 L – Leg room! Savannah’s uncrowded city, and beauty on and off-the-beaten paths, plus along nearby Tybee Beach offer plenty of leg room to move about freely, uncramped and unhurried. There's plenty of leg room, too, at Zeigler House Inn -- 12 foot ceilings, plus seven choices of big inn rooms and B&B suites.

K – Kelly green is a favorite color year around, especially during February and March Irish celebrations.

A fun spot for girlfriends getaway
photo -- Savannah City Market
at Marilyn Monroe statue.
J – Our Jones Street inn in Johnny Mercer’s hometown. The songwriter / lyricist who penned words to Hooray for Hollywood, Moon River, And The Angels Sing, and Days of Wine and Roses (plus another thousand or so), now legendary in America's Songbook of great musical compositions, including many written along side Henry Mancini.

I – Icy beer spiked beverages (Wet Willies) and ice cream (Leopold’s Ice Cream to be specific). Be here in time for Savannah Craft Brew Fest (August 31, 2013), or simply enjoy an icy cold one on River Street or when sunning at Tybee Island beach [Pinterest photos].

H – Historical architecture, sometimes haunted. 

G – Girlfriends’ getaways and grits, creamy grits. 

F – Farm to table food, in a city where farming slaves were “free at last, free at last”! During the Civil War (1861-1865), Savannah is where plantation freemen received “forty acres and a mule”. The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum in Savannah is near Zeigler House Inn, a place to celebrate a period of peaceful transition in this city of American The South. 

E – Eastbound, east coast USA, easy leisure! Head east, southeast to be exact, to the Georgia’s Atlantic Ocean coast.

D – Day boat and delicious -- fish, shrimp, oysters.

Oh, the fun! Zeigler House Inn's Jackie
Heinz is picnicking in Laurel Grove Cemetery.
Famous Savannahians including Juliette Gordon
Low, founder of Girl Scouts is buried here.
C – Charm and cooking -- southern cooking -- candor and cocktails! 

B - Budget-friendly city, bed and breakfast comforts, baths (pampered baths!), and ballast stones -- the cobble stones from international ships that line the ramps to and along River Street, along the Savannah River.

A – Angels -- a city of angels! From our own angel bed (a French-style bed without posts) to angels found in the statuaries and monuments in the parks, squares, and strolls through park-like cemeteries, you’ll sense that “Angels are among us” here. 

Angelic to zealous, classic and eclectic, Savannah is a heavenly spot for a summer, fall, winter or spring trip to the Georgia Coast. For those of us who live in Savannah, we’re grateful to the pioneers, colonists, early settlers, the City of Savannah, and our colleagues in tourism.

Time for Zzzzz’s? We hope you’ll think Zeigler House Inn bed and breakfast in beautiful Savannah, Georgia USA.

Jackie Heinz, Innkeeper
Zeigler House Inn, an historic Savannah bed and breakfast
Toll Free 866-233-5307 USA & Canada

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