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Spree or Score! Budget Friendly Ideas of Things to Do in Savannah from Zeigler House Inn B&B

SAVANNAH, Georgia (March 31, 2013) -- In the new April 2013 issue of Southern Living, Savannah gets a big nod in the magazine’s “High-Low Guide”.  The travel guide gives Savannah tourists suggestions on how to enjoy what our historic city has to offer, no matter what your budget.

Innkeeper Jackie Heinz, Zeigler House Inn,
Savannah Georgia USA
While I applaud Southern Living’s selections, I thought I would add a few of my own. The magazine offered leisure budget terms “Splurge and Steal”.  I decided to use “Spree and Score!” for leisure activities in Savannah, GA.


Spree: I have a list of four fine dining restaurants that fit the category -- Noble Fare, Alligator Soul, Sapphire Grill, and Local 11 Ten. These downtown Savannah restaurants offer dining experiences and cuisine that feature local fresh ingredients, prepared by truly gifted chefs. The price tag may be a bit more, but it is worth every penny. And, you’ll enjoy every delectable bite.

Score!: While the price is less on these choices, there is nothing lacking in taste and quality. Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is a Savannah icon. Eating there is like stepping into my grandmother’s kitchen, and that is a real treat!
The $18 price tag is all inclusive and provides you with a meal that can carry you well satisfied throughout the entire day. The fried chicken alone is worth the money. But, when served alongside a couple dozen other dishes  -- including a myriad of fresh vegetables, potatoes, macaroni & cheese, a selection of other meats and don’t forget dessert -- you can’t beat the bang for the buck here. You may also want to try out another Savannah favorite, Crystal Beer Parlor. Good food, great vintage pub ambiance, and an amazingly friendly staff.


Spree:  Again, Sapphire Grill is my first choice here. Matt the bartender is a master mixologist. His Mojito is second to none. Don’t forget to try the Chocolate Espresso Martini, too! Yummy! I can substitute this for dessert any day. Another favorite for drinks is the Perch rooftop bar at Local 11 Ten (open evenings, Wednesday through Saturday).  I call this the grownups' version of a tree house -- great atmosphere and killer cocktails.

Score!: Jen’s and Friends. This local watering hole has more than 100 different martinis and 200 beer options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like. All drinks have less than a $10 price tag, too.


Spree: Here I’d have to give a nod to my neighbors down the street in the area known as The Design District. You’ll find a great selection of unique shops for clothing, shoes, jewelry, home goods, antiques, stationery, and more. With frequent sales you may even find a “Score!” deal here as well.

Score!: For a great deal take a look at Two Women and a Warehouse. This store hosts consignment vendors, featuring lovely painted pieces, a selection of eclectic antiques, and more fun finds. You can Score! a real bargain here.


Spree:  For things to do around Savannah we recommend taking a half-day walking tour with Bobby Davis at through the Historic District.  To get off the beaten paths, take a driving tour with local native Kathy Moore at Kathy gets outside the Savannah historic district to view popular places on the outskirts. These unique tours may cost a bit more than downtown walking tours, but you’ll get unique views of Savannah and insights into this charming city's storied past.

Score!: Old Savannah Trolley Tours is my pick here. For only $26 per person (or less with special deals) tourists can hop a trolley and get a remarkable 90-minute tour through downtown.  It’s an ideal way to get a good overview of the National Landmark Historic District and what is happening right now.  Better yet, you can get on and off this trolley system all day long -- just like having your own private bus system. The best way to see Savannah, of course, is on foot. On a leisurely walk through the Historic District, travelers should check out the squares, quaint shops, museums, and Forsyth Park to take in the best view of our lovely and lively, historic city.  The price? Well, it’s free, of course.


Spree: Well, this is easy -- Zeigler House Inn. I’ll bet you saw that one coming. With our easy, relaxed comforts and prime location on Jones Street, why would you stay anywhere else?

Score!: Our popular Savannah inn is the same answer -- Zeigler House Inn.  With generous, inclusive amenities -- like free parking, WiFi, breakfast, and more -- the value is surprising and the leisure-class, southern hospitality is priceless.

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