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A Special Savannah Visit for Girl Scout Troop 11, Ft. Worth, TX

Septuagenarian Girl Scouts Leave Behind Inspiration at Zeigler House Inn 

SAVANNAH Georgia (April 26, 2013) -- This past weekend I had the pleasure and honor of hosting Girl Scout Troop 11 from Ft. Worth, TX.  What makes this group of Girl Scouts so special? 
  • Well let’s start with the fact they are all celebrating their 70th birthdays this year and their 64th reunion.
  • This amazing group of ladies has been together since first grade. There were 19 originally, now there are 16.  
  • They all started out as Brownies in 1949. 
  • They stayed together ‘til they graduated high school in 1961.  
  • They have not only remained friends through all these years, they have all stayed in touch and active with the Girl Scouts.

Annually, the ladies all try to get together as a group to reconnect and reminisce about their days as scouts. This year, wonderfully, 12 of them chose Savannah and Zeigler House Inn as their destination.  There could not have been a better choice than Savannah, the birthplace of Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts and the location of the very first Girl Scout troop.  

I don’t know how I got so lucky as to have been their choice for accommodations, but I credit Carole Steadham, their appointed travel guide, for this bit of good fortune. Carole and her husband Joe actually came in a few days early to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary before the rest of the troop arrived. Congratulations Joe and Carole!

Carole called me back in November and told me about this group of friends.  I was just blown away by their story. As soon as we got off the phone I was immediately back on the phone to contact Fran Harold, director at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, to tell her their story.

Needless to say she was as excited about their coming as I was. That was the beginning of the plan to welcome these ladies to our Savannah. 

A Busy Thursday on the Town

The women arrived on Thursday, just in time for a late lunch at Soho South Cafe, and then off to take a trolley tour with Old Savannah Tours. After the tour there was time to freshen up a bit and then off to Jazz’d Tapas Bar for dinner.

Being that it was Thursday night they were treated to the wonderful sounds of the crooning Trey Gurley and his rendition of favorite Sinatra tunes. The girls were treated to a song dedicated just to them, and each received a CD of Trey’s songs to take home. My pal Diane from the Green Palm Inn, also a former Girl Scout, came to say hello and meet the girls as well.

Another fun thing happened when a couple who had met a couple of the ladies on the plane from Texas recognized them at Jazz’d and sent wine to the table to go with their meal.  Later in the evening they retired back to the Zeigler House to talk about the day they’d just experienced and days gone by as well. What stories!

An Early Start on Friday

Friday morning everyone gathered in the parlor after breakfast, then off to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace for a tour of the house. Fran arranged a little ceremony where she presented each lady with a pin for having visited the birthplace.  

After the house tour the ladies came back to Jones Street and the world-famous Wilkes House restaurant, just a few doors down from the inn. No standing in line for these ladies. They entered through the back door, just like President Obama.  In the evening, they all came together again for wine and cheese and more stories that kept our other guests utterly entertained.

No Social Schedules on Saturday

Saturday, everyone had a free day to do whatever they wanted.  What won the day? -- Independent shopping and tours.  In the evening, again everyone came together for wine and cheese hour, then they were off to enjoy Savannah’s nightlife.  This time they were picked up by Savannah Hoppers and taken to the Olde Pink House for dinner where they were serenaded once more.

These girls sure brought out the best in those around them. After dinner they were driven back to the inn for some late night conversation and desserts.

Church and Brunch on the Sabbath
Sunday, it was off to church for some and sleeping in late for others. Then, they met again at Soho South Café for brunch before preparing for their flights homeward in the afternoon.  

I was sincerely sad to see them go. Even though the inn was full with other guests, my home seemed very quiet without these dear ladies. I’ll miss their conversations, their laughter and camaraderie.  It was truly an inspiration to spend time with them.  It's an experience I will not soon forget.  

Bless you Troop 11 for allowing me to spend time with you.  I hope to see you all again!

Jackie Heinz, Innkeeper

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