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A Mini La Pastisserie Magasin [Pastry Shop] at Zeigler House Inn in Savannah, Georgia USA

Pastries at Zeigler House Inn:
Brownies with Chocolate Ganache and Fruit Tarts
SAVANNAH Georgia (April 24, 2013) – Zeigler House Inn has the flair of a European small hotel with French named rooms* and a dining sideboard of la patisserie style desserts.

One guest in sock feet ventures down the vintage mahogany and heart pine staircase, out to appease his pastry craving. “The scene is reminiscent of Christmas when the youngster tip-toes down the magnificent staircase, taking a peek for Santa. It’s a scene that will play out multiple times during the day and night over the guest’s stay,” says innkeeper Jackie Heinz.

It’s a happy moment, too, for Jackie – a caterer turned innkeeper. She is seated in the parlor, quietly smiling as she witnesses pure joy from her executive guest. Like so many loyal guests, this executive–turned-child again has found a new favorite vacation spot.

“I see you enjoy almond. I think you’ll love what I’m baking for you tomorrow,” Jackie teases. Her reassurances are those of a doting neighbor, who just so happens to be a professional baker with a passion to please.

At Zeigler House bed and breakfast, the overnight guest might pinch themselves once realizing they are staying in a mini pastry shop -- la patisserie magasin. There is a delightful difference, however. There is no cash register or surcharges for the phenomenally delicious treats.

New on the Foodie’s Bucket List.

Zeigler House Inn’s reputation for tasty pastries simply adds a new vacation spot to the foodie’s bucket list. Located on legendary Jones Street in Savannah’s downtown historic district, the historic inn’s guests come to realize they’re staying on the same block as Mrs. Wilkes’ Dinging Room.

How close are more foodie favorite spots? A short walk away is the romantic Noblefare, and the prohibition-era Crystal Beer Parlor – the city’s most famous speakeasy.

The Inn is just around the corner from Mercer House, legendary for the late Jim Williams’ extravagant Christmas parties. The mansion on Monterey Square was made famous in the novel and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

What indulgent desserts are on the bed and breakfast sideboard today?
As we write this, it’s springtime in Savannah. Brownies with ganache frosting, Lemon Curd Tartlets, almond crisp cookies, coconut macaroons, and bourbon pecan squares await the Savannah inn’s guests, complimentary and self-service.

No one is counting the number of helpings.

A short Q&A with the southern-born Innkeeper

Q. What’s on your dessert bar menu for Memorial Day?

Jackie’s Answer: You never know what is going to inspire me so I’m not sure yet. I promise there will be something there to tempt everyone.

Q. What desserts are top favorites of your business executive guests?

A. Men tend to like the bourbon pecan squares. I think it’s the Bourbon they like.

Q. What pastries are top favorites of your girlfriend getaway guests?

A. The ladies seem to really like the coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate. It’s almost like eating an Almond Joy candy bar.

Q. How do you please your special diet guests?

A. If I know in advance I try to accommodate special diets with recipes for gluten-free or sugar-free cookies, muffins and scones. Obviously we can’t duplicate every recipe to fit special diets, but we try to give these guests a few things to enjoy so they won’t feel left out.  

An Easy Pastry Recipe (with Jackie’s tips)

Triple Chocolate Ganache Brownies
... "a chocolate lover's dream" from
Jackie Heinz, Zeigler House Inn,
Savannah Georgia USA 

Jackie's tip if you are in a hurry and need something that will please almost anyone with a sweet tooth: Never be afraid to use a boxed mix; just be sure to add something to it to make it your own.

Chocolate Brownies: Prepare your favorite boxed brownie mix according to the directions on the box. Add about ¾ cup of good quality chopped chocolate and 2 Tbs. of brewed espresso. Bake according to package directions. Remove from oven and cool.

For Chocolate Ganache:  While the brownies are cooling, chop 12 oz. of good quality dark chocolate and place in a microwave safe bowl and set aside. In a microwave safe cup heat ½ cup heavy cream about 1 minute. Keep a close eye on the cream because it can bubble up quickly and make a real mess of your microwave. Pour the heated cream over the chocolate and let it sit for about 2 minutes, this will start the melting process. Now gently stir 'til all the chocolate is melted and smooth. (If the chocolate is not melted completely you can return the mixture to the microwave for 10-15 second intervals stirring between. Be careful not to over-heat, this will cause the chocolate to seize up on you.)

Pour the melted chocolate and cream mixture (this is the ganache) over the cooled brownies. Let the chocolate ganache set completely before cutting.

There you have it a chocolate lover's dream, and no one will have to know you didn’t make them from scratch. Try serving with your favorite vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream and a few red raspberries or strawberries for color. Now that’s a tasty and pretty dessert.

Just imagine Jackie’s breakfast baskets of freshly baked scrumptiousness for your own breakfast in bed!

When you’re ready for a very special holiday, girlfriend’s getaway or culinary-meets-romantic vacation, contact our caterer-turned innkeeper, Jackie Heinz – innkeeper@ZeiglerHouseInn, toll free (866) 233-5307, or Twitter @ZeiglerHouseInn

*Back story of the French room names: The original inn owner had an interest in General Marquis de Lafayette. When we added rooms we decided to continue her affection for Lafayette and chose names that pertained to his life.

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