Saturday, February 2, 2013

Recipe from the Kitchen at Zeigler House Inn in Savannah, GA USA

SAVANNAH, Georgia (January 31, 2013)  --I was just in the kitchen making home-fresh appetizers for afternoon social hour when I decided it might be a nice idea to share some of my recipes with you all. Usually I get requests from guests while we are standing around the table talking and eating. I try to convey the recipes as quickly and easily as possible, but I am sure not everyone remembers the instructions or ingredients once they are home. So, I am going to start posting some of my most requested bed and breakfast recipes on this blog site for you from time to time. You can let me know what you think.

Let's start with one of my favorite foods, pizza. I love making pizza because it's fast, easy and you can put virtually any combinations of ingredients on it. I think of pizza as the ultimate finger food. When I make this one I always get a request for this easy recipe.