Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mata Hari's Does it Again

Mata Hari's, Savannah's only Speakeasy, does it again. This place just keeps getting better and better. Mata Hari's already boasts some of Savannah's most talented singers. It's an intimate spot to kick back and listen to some really good live talent and now they have taken it to the next level.

Last night I attended their first full performance of their new burlesque show. Yes, I said Burlesque! I was privileged to see a preview performance back in August and was blown away.

I must say, what I saw last night did not disappoint.

Kit Tarver, the owner and her daughter Jade, along with the other talented performers are to be commended. They did an amazing job. Kit says this is going to become a monthly event for Mata Hari's and they will be making little tweaks and additions from month to month to keep it fresh and improving. I think Savannah has a "Hit" on its hands.

Remember, this is a private club and you have to have a key to enter. How do you get a key? Well come stay with us and I'll be happy to share mine along with instructions and map on how to find this hidden gem. You can also contact us for information on upcoming performances.

While the Burlesque Show will not be every weekend, the live singing a cool atmosphere are always there. Make your plans to visit the Zeigler House Inn and Savannah's one true speakeasy today.

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