Monday, July 16, 2012

Three Women in Their PJ's?

What would you think if you saw three women in their PJ’s, shopping in an antique store while drinking Champagne from antique flutes in the middle of the day? Easy answer, they’re in Savannah! 
The picture shows three of the four innkeepers of Savannah Inns, including yours truly, sipping Champagne with our favorite antiques dealer Charlie Brown of C.H. Brown Antiques at 14 W. Jones Street. Those aren’t just any old Champagne flutes either. They are glasses from the estate of Thomas Gibbons, one of Savannah’s first mayors. These exact glasses were used in 1792 during George Washington’s visit to Savannah and one of us quite possibly was drinking from the same flute George Washington used. How insane is that. You just never know what you’ll run across while perusing through this wonderful shop. Charlie is an absolute wealth of information on Savannah both past and present. I consider him one of Savannah’s greatest ambassadors. You can pick up almost any item in the store and get a history lesson from him on its origins and use. I myself could spend hours here just looking and listening.
Oh, I forgot, I still haven't explained why we are in our PJ's. Well, there's a good reason for that. We were taking photos to promote our newest Savannah Inns event for December, the 1st Annual Savannah Pajama Shop Hop. Keep an eye on both our website and the Savannah Inns site for more information starting in September.
When you plan your next visit to Savannah and the Zeigler House Inn make time to go down the street to visit Charlie and his collection of extraordinary antiques. Maybe I’ll go with you and bring the Champagne.