Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Savannah Shoe Company

Savannah Shoe Company has opened a new store location just one very short block from the inn. Their other location is on W. Broughton Street. I went today and bought two of the cutest, most comfortable pairs of shoes and some new jewelry to boot. This could be habit forming. What am I saying, it already is. I think this makes about 5 or 6 pairs so far.  For those of you not familiar with this store, they make their own shoes and they're designed for walking. They are so comfortable and look really stylish not clunky.The selection of styles and colors is vast.
This location has just opened, they don't even have a sign yet. As you can see in the picture, its a nice large space so more room for more shoes! They are just one of the many great stores just down the block and around the corner from the inn. The area is known as the Downtown Design District. There's clothing, jewelery, antiques, stationary/paper, lighting, home decor and more. Next time you come to visit the Zeigler House you'll have to check it out. A girl can just never have enough shoes, or clothes, or jewelery, or....well, you get the idea. Hope to see you soon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Flat Creek Lodge Cheese

Okay, those of you who know me, know how much I love food and that one of my favorite meals is Wine, Bread and Cheese. I know, not a well balanced meal but you like what you like. Anyway, thanks to  Flat Creek Lodge, cheese may have taken top billing.

Two Saturday's ago, I came across a new cheese at the Fresh Farmer's Market in Forsyth Park. The name of the cheese was Montazzio and the producer was Flat Creek Lodge. This is quite possibly the best cheese I have ever tasted. I immediately got on the internet and checked them out. Guess what, the dairy is only 60 minutes away from Savannah and they deliver! Needless to say, I ordered a whole wheel of this amazing cheese along with  4 other varieties. They were delivered on Tuesday and took center stage at social hour on Friday and Saturday evening. Everyone that tasted them agreed, "some of the best cheese we've ever eaten". Along with the Montazzio, a creamy European-style cheese, there was Aztec Cheddar. This cheese incorporates Guajillo chilies and cocoa. I also added their traditional cheddar, the blue Stilton, and a very soft creamy cheese similar to Italian Crescenza called Little Martha. Another show stopper was the Paris Medley laced with Vadalia onions, chives and a hint of red pepper. From here on out we will be featuring these local fresh cheeses here at the Zeigler House. Not only will you find them during afternoon refreshments and social hour but in some of our other dishes as well. How about Aztec cheddar cheese cookies with chocolate chunks to start? Maybe a cheese scone or two? Yummy!

Next time you come to visit the Zeigler House Inn, you might want to set aside a few extra hours to check out this dairy and see how they make this fabulous cheese. By the way, they also have a Spa! I have already made plans to take my own pilgrimage, an overnight trip, to see first-hand the facility and the process for making these award winning cheeses. A great sacrifice but I have to do my research. It's a tough job but someone has to do it, right? I'll  let you know how it goes. In the meantime, my quest continues to find the next great local ingredient to add to the cuisine here at the inn. Did I mention we also got some really nice vegetables to pickle while I was at the Farmers Market. Great with the cheese! Looking forward to seeing you here in Savannah and sharing some of our outstanding food.