Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mata Hari's - Savannah's One and Only Speakeasy

Imagine walking up to a very unassuming wood door tucked away under Factor’s Walk and ringing a door bell. A very small window at the top opens and a man stares out waiting to see the one thing that will get you through the door, your silver key. The door opens and you step across the threshold and you’re immediately transported to another time and place. Where are you? Mata Hari’s, of course, Savannah’s one and only “Speak Easy”. Once inside it’s not hard to imagine that you have time traveled back to the 1920’s or 30’s and the age of Prohibition and hidden secret clubs. The décor, the music and staff all set the stage.
Let’s start with the décor. You are surrounded by an eclectic blend of antiques and shabby chic. Nice comfortable chairs and couches in small groupings, making it easy for intimate conversations. There’s a small classic looking bar and a stage where the songstress will soon come out to entertain you. There’s even a pool table.
The staff extends the experience with the waitresses in their tuxedo and tails leotards with fishnet hose and bartenders who still know how to pour a real drink, if you know what I mean. Then there is the music and it’s utterly amazing. The songstress takes the stage in her long evening gown and perfectly coiffed hair looking like she just stepped out of an old Bogart film. When she begins to sing the transportation is complete. There is even a small space for dancing to this wonderful music.
If you’re looking for a romantic spot to take your honey or to gather with a few of your closest friends, this is the place. Try it out next time you visit Savannah and the Zeigler House Inn. I’ll give you the secret to getting in to do a little time traveling of your own!