Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fireworks on the River

Here in Savannah, fireworks on the river is a monthly event. Not a big deal to most Savannians. Every first Friday of the month, fireworks are seen high above the Savannah River for all to enjoy. This past Friday, not the first of the month, fireworks rained over the river. To whom did we owe this extravaganza? The 62nd annual convention of the American Pyrotechnics Association would be the answer. I didn't even know they had an association let alone a convention. Anyway, they culminated their visit to Savannah with a world class fireworks display. What a treat! Not your usual fireworks. They were quite grand. Next time you are planning a visit to Savannah, keep the first Friday and Fireworks in mind and a big thanks to those Pyrothechnics. Great job!

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