Monday, March 15, 2010

Return from PAII Conference

I just returned from the PAII Conference in Austin, TX. I know, what the heck is PAII? It's the Professional Association of Innkeepers International. Sounds exciting, right? Okay, not so much, but lots of great information and ideas for the inn. That means new and exciting things for you, our guests.
I ordered new Turkish towels, soooo soft, and new robes! I know the current ones are great but believe it or not these will be even better. They'll arrive in June. I've ordered extras in case anyone just has to have one to take home.
Now let's talk tea. Wow, did I ever taste some great tea. I'm not much of a coffee or tea drinker, most of you all know I'm a Diet Coke girl but this tea may have converted me. So, afternoon tea at the Zeigler House is going to be a new addition to our agenda Monday - Thursday. Look for it soon. I also tried some new ports and wines that will be making their way into our wine and cheese line-up on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Keep an eye out for these new additions and more. I can't wait to share all the amazing things I found and hear what you think. Hope to see you here soon, in Savannah!

St. Patty's Day, It's almost here.

How can I be sure if I don't look at the calendar? Maybe it's because the fountain in Forsyth Park is running green or because the sound of bagpipes filling the air is a daily experience now. How cool! Being part Irish I can resist stopping to listen.
If you're here already or on your way for the festivities on Wednesday, when you stop at Forsyth Park to check out the green fountain, be sure to stop by the newly renovated Cafe and Visitor's Center, in the old fort, on the west side of the park. There's also a new amphitheater enhanced by lighted fountains and wading pool. The cafe is open daily and the food is really pretty good. It makes a trip to the park a real delight!

Dedication of Ellis Square

After a 50 plus year absence, Ellis Square is back and better than ever! In November, the new bronze statue of our native son, Johnny Mercer, was dedicated and placed in the square. Finally the rest of the square is ready. Ellis Square is adjacent to City Market filled with shops, restaurants, and art galleries making this a "must see" destination in the Savannah Historic District. City Market and Ellis Square is a short 7-10 minute walk from the Zeigler House Inn.