Sunday, August 17, 2014

Celebrities in #Savannah Filming at Zeigler House Inn: New GAC Show to Premier Early 2015!

SAVANNAH Georgia (August 17, 2014) -- Two stars in Savannah tourism introduced celebrities, along with their production team filming a new GAC Network show, to fun places off the beaten path.

Two stars in Savannah tourism spend an exciting day with celebrities!
L-R: Holly Marie Combs, Jackie Heinz, Shannen Doherty, and
Diane Crews at Mati Hari, a speakeasy in Savannah, Georgia USA.
What we can say about the GAC Network (Great American Country Network) filming at Zeigler House Inn this week is this: the name of the show, scheduled to premier early in 2015, is Off the Map with Shannen and Holly.

Not knowing the show or hosts' names, we had spent a couple of hours with the celebrities before realizing who these hard-working, beautiful gals are!

Shannen is Shannen Doherty (Little House on the Prairie, Our House, Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed) and Holly is Holly Marie Combs (Sweet Hearts Dance, Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July, Picket Fences, Charmed, and Pretty Little Liars). Follow these best friends on their travel adventures on twitter #shannenandholly.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Golf in Savannah: Local Champions. Movie Locations. Sportive or Romantic Getaways to Zeigler House Inn B&B

SAVANNAH Georgia (July 26, 2014) -- It was a really BIG sports weekend for Savannah in mid-July 2014. Following a long tradition of Savannah golf, two Savannah natives won prominent PGA golf championships.
We offer our congratulations to Gene Sauers who won the Senior Open on the PGA Champions Tour in July 2014, and to Brian Harman, who turned pro in 2009, who won the John Deere Classic, his first PGA Tour win. 
Golf is a sports tradition in Savannah, dating back to 1794. "On record The Savannah Golf Club (private) is the Oldest Golf Club in America and is believed to be the first American city where the game of golf was played." -- Source: The Savannah Golf Club

Savannah Mansion Movie Location Near Forsyth Park
The stately Gaston Street mansion, Adele Invergordon's
movie location home in The Legend of Baggar Vance --
Gaston Street at Drayton Street, overlooking Forsyth Park.
At the time of filming this Savannah mansion was for sale.
Today this home is a private residence.
We think these 2014 wins could be titled straight from The Legend of Baggar Vance soundtrack titles, track #3 -- Savannah Needs A Hero!  

The novel, The Legend of BaggarVance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life by Steven Pressfield (1995) is set in Savannah, Georgia USA. In the 2000 film adaptation by Robert Redford, the director stays true to the story and chooses Savannah to portray itself in all of its 1930s restored beauty. Additional filming locations were in Low Country and Barrier Islands including Beaufort, Bluffton, Charleston, Hilton Head, and Kiawah Island, South Carolina, plus Jekyll Island, Georgia.

In the golf-themed movie, The Legend of Baggar Vance, filming locations in Savannah are right around the corner from Zeigler House Inn.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fresh Ideas in Southern Hospitality: Fresh Georgia Travel Ideas at Zeigler House Inn's Top-Pick B&B in Historic #Savannah GA

Fresh southern hospitality travel ideas in Savannah at Zeigler House Inn
Here Shannon Scott (R), Savannah tour guide and
extraordinary southern storyteller is at Zeigler House Inn
entertaining our lodging guests during
one of the top-pick Savannah inn's
Friday "Fireside Tales".
SAVANNAH Georgia (July 1, 2014) -- Southern storytelling is not a fresh idea, unless you consider adding a tour guide with fresh stories to hospitality hour. Zeigler House Inn does this ofttimes on a Friday afternoon.

To the delight of her guests, innkeeper Jackie Heinz frequently coordinates with Angela Lynn, owner of 6th Sense Savannah Tours to bring a professional storyteller / tour guide into the inn for up close and personal stories. It's especially delightful, surrounded by the welcoming ambiance of this stately historic home (ca. 1856).

There are no weather concerns indoors when taking full advantage of the relaxing comforts of the inn!

Renown among Savannah's best storytellers, Shannon Scott -- historian, tour guide, and SCAD alumni -- was the star last Friday who enchanted the top-ten Savannah inn's guests at the historic inn's "Fireside Tales" (June 2014).

"I am delighted to see the smiling faces of my guests (as in the photo, above)!  After hearing Shannon's stories, guests are praising him by name in our bed and breakfast inn's reviews. I appreciate so much the extraordinary thoughtfulness by guests who take time also to comment in Zeigler House Inn's reviews

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#Savannah: Paint the Town with Red, White and Blue Flair, Says the Top-rated Zeigler House Inn

SAVANNAH Georgia (June 16, 2014) -- On the 4th of July in Savannah's Deep South after a salute to America's red, white, and blue flag, you'll be dazzled when you discover even more red, white and blue in some of the best Savannah food, eateries, picnics, and beverages. 

Zeigler House Inn's Jackie Heinz gets into the red, white and blue
spirit on magnificent Jones Street in patriotic Savannah, Georgia USA!
Photo © 2014 Zeigler House Inn / Sandy Traub
Any Savannah foodie's bucket list for July 4th will be long and tantalizingly delicious. We'll be among the first to start off this patriotic Savannah nod with specifics -- white wine, white linens, blue crabs, Savannah Red Rice, red and white radicchio, red pepper jelly or vinaigrette with red onions, Strawberry Mint Sweet Tea, and laced in somewhere are red fish [red drum], new red potatoes, red hot chili pepper, "red apples" ['tomatas'], red wine vinegar, red peppercorns, white rum, red wine, and bite-into-sweet, white Vidalia onions.

How is that for starters?! 
From this top-pick place to stay in Savannah, we might ask, too "What's the best part of all this?" We cheer, salute, wave our pride-provoking flag of the United States of America, sing patriotic tunes, and dine on red, white and blue ... just about every day of the year!

Yes, Sir and Ma'am! In Savannah, Georgia, we're patriotic not just on the 4th of July, Independence Day Weekend, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and D-Day!  It may seem a small thing, but you'll see our Savannah inn's American flag flying year around.