Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Savannah Inn's Jones Street Picturesque Neighborhood: National Accolades Continue

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Beautiful, history-rich Jones Street is the National Landmark Historic District draws visitors every day of the year! As sure as sweet tea will be on southern menus, Savannah tourism and travel narratives talk about "...picturesque East Jones Street", as in June 2015 New York Times, The Creative Side of Savannah.  

Now story-rich town homes with a pedigree and million dollar-plus sales tags, the elegant Jones Street's historic residences were built in the mid-1800s.

Yet the homey, welcoming appeal and invitations to mingle among the gentle folks still prevail, as here at Zeigler House Inn, a top pick among Savannah bed and breakfast inn lodgings.

Friday, July 31, 2015

What Does Beautiful Jones Street Bring To The Savannah GA Party: Modern-day Favorite Spots Include Zeigler House Inn

Zeigler House Inn's porch, overlooking Jones Street,
the setting of a sweet elopement wedding.
SAVANNAH Georgia -- Since the mid-1800s Jones Street in downtown Savannah has been a popular street for porch sitters. The wide, brick street minimized the dust and air conditioning enticed residents indoors. 

Now guests, and our own innkeeper Jackie Heinz, will tell you that time on the veranda overlooking Jones Street is magical! 

If one took a broad slice of Savannah's favorite places and history, historic Jones Street would deliver up a thick volume of story-rich tales. Many major events that touched Savannah, touches also Jones Street.

When we add southern food and hospitality accolades, dash the list with a few movie locations and favorite spots, Jones Street's notoriety swells rapidly to include architecture, literature, health and medicine, prohibition, philanthropy, the arts, military life, religion, education, agriculture, industry, travel, commerce and trade, and more (that academics and historians will better know)!
"In the Savannah plan the east-west streets midway between the squares were given more generous dimension. Broughton, Oglethorpe, Liberty and Jones are all wider than other cross-town streets.... The houses on Jones Street are sheltered by live oaks that often meet above to form an evergreen canopy." --  SAVANNAH by Malcolm Bell, Jr.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Try Something New This Summer! A 48-hour Weekend Getaway with A Savannah Summer Deal at Zeigler House Inn

Summer vacation in Savannah GA at
Zeigler House Inn on beautiful Jones Street,
often called "The most beautiful avenue in America".

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Foodies, romantics and getaway couples, add a summer 2015 deal top your lodging on Jones Street in the Savannah historic district -- often called the most beautiful avenue in America -- and we're confident you will adore doubly your stay at Zeigler House Inn

Zeiger House Inn's Savannah Bed and Breakfast Summer Special 2015

July 20 through August 31, 2015 – Monday thru Thursday, all rooms are $169 per night plus tax. Friday thru Sunday all rooms are 15% off regular rates.

A two night minimum stay applies. Holidays and Special Event dates are excluded. Good on new reservations made after May 1, 2015, only.

Lodging rate includes parking, in-room daily breakfast, desserts, refreshing beverages, Wi-Fi, a local orientation, plus recommendations for attractions, transportation, and entertainment. Friday and Saturday also includes hors d'oeuvres and social hours.

Call toll free (Canada and USA) 866-233-5307 or local 912-233-5307; or email

Saturday, June 27, 2015

On Your Savannah Trips, See and Hear the Savannah Bells!

SAVANNAH Georgia -- Bells have a long and honored legacy in Savannah's history and daily life -- ship bells, fire bells, wedding bells, church bells, cow bells, dinner bells, and sleigh bells.

A park bench is an ideal spot to take in the sounds ... and the messages.  

When beginning to write this piece we realize that, living in downtown Savannah, we take the rich tradition of Savannah bells for granted. Yet, we treasure and welcome now the reminder of this to turn our attention to actually listening. Perhaps there are echoes, too, as we pass the now-silent bells, set as monuments to the days and people who pioneered a rich life for us now in Savannah, Georgia USA.

The Old Exchange Bell, the
bell of the former Savannah city hall,
resides in Emmett Park on Bay Street.
"The first notice of the arrival of the welcome
vessel [during General Lafayette's Savannah
visit] was by a few strokes of the
Exchange Bell."
-- Source: "History ofSavannah"
Church bells chime gospel tunes into Wright Square and Madison Square. Instead during the holidays you'll hear Christmas hymns and Jingle Bells, a song first penned by James Lord Pierpont in Savannah, Georgia.

The official City Hall Bell chimes noon midday. 

We should not forget that the bells ring out and symbolize the spirit of America, with echoes of rich heritages from Ireland, Europe, Scotland, Bavaria, France, Portugal, and Spain. Though not sailors, the first 114 colonists would learn that nautical time was signaled by strokes of a ship's bell; eight bells signaled at 4:00, 8:00, or 12:00 o'clock, either a.m. or p.m.

Every colonist who arrived in the Georgia colony by ship would know that the ringing of bells met an important purpose. Each would bring some awareness of ancient bells from their native lands.
"During the colony's first ten years the trustees sent to Georgia at their expense 1,847 colonists, of whom 1,008 were British people and 839 were foreigners. In Georgia a visitor could hear Gaelic spoken at Darien, German at Ebenezer, French at Highgate, Spanish at Hampstead, Creek among the Indians in the forest." Source: "The People of Georgia, An Illustrated Social History" by Mills Lane.