Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Resilience on World Famous Jones Street: Historic Homes Like Zeigler House Inn And Historic Savannah Neighbors

Savannah tourism star Zeigler House Inn exudes southern hospitality
Zeigler House Inn, a Savannah tourism star, where story
telling, hospitality, cuisine, and music project the engaging,
world famous and resilient Savannah, Georgia USA.
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- One of our our Jones Street neighbors is the historic home of Israel Keech Tefft, located at 1 West Jones Street. The family home was built in 1849, only seven years before our Zeigler House Inn was built in 1856 for Solomon Zeigler's family.

Mr. Tefft (February 12, 1794- June 30,1862), was Cashier of the Bank of the State of Georgia in Savannah. Our own Mr. Zeigler was an international lumber merchant. Both were industrious businessmen. They were among the most "respected and admired" men in the community.

Tefft's Independence Day, July 4, 1827, toast delivered in the Savannah Exchange building was to "Agriculture, Commerce, and Manufactures -- three sister arts, mutual support and fellowship are necessary for the prosperity of each." 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

World War I Stories and Places in Savannah, Georgia USA: Summer Ideas from Zeigler House Inn

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- The trend is changing from November to May high season in Savannah, to year around high season in Savannah. More than Savannah events, the travel trend focuses increasingly on ease of leisure, unique beauty, culture travel and Savannah stories, authentic places to see, and unique food to enjoy. 

Innkeeper Jackie Heinz encourages travelers to "Escape when life gets too complicated. Keep it simple yet elegant with your Savannah lodging at Zeigler House Inn".

During Apirl 2017 the PBS World War I broadcast of "The Great War" brings to mind again Savannah's role during WWI. It was April 6, 1917, that the United States of America declared war on Germany, and entered World War I.

We share a few back stories and places of interest for you to visit in Savannah today.

At Ships of the Sea Museum, the "PROPAGANDA OF WAR! SAVANNAH LINE" exhibit runs April 4, 2017 - October 15, 2017. In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the United States' entry into WWI, this year the Museum will feature the exhibit, "Propaganda of War! Savannah Line" highlighting the effects of two world wars on the Ocean Steamship Company of Savannah through the use of "imagined" and "re-imagined" propaganda posters. ​ Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

Georgia played a significant role during America's participation in World War I (1917-18). The state was home to more training camps than any other state and by the war's end had contributed more than 100,000 men and women to the war effort. -- Source: Georgia Encylopedia


Monday, March 20, 2017

The "Springtime in the South" Issue of the NEW Shrimp Collards & Grits Magazine features Zeigler House Inn

Historic Savannah Spring Fling in the news | Shrimp Collards and Grits Magazine
Issue One: "Shrimp,
Collards & Grits Magazine",
March 2017
SAVANNAH, Georgia -- "The circa-1856 Zeigler House Inn eases you back in time under a canopy of moss-draped live oaks...."

You'll find these words in the inaugural issue of "Shrimp, Collards & Grits Magazine", introducing readers to our elegant, historic inn on Jones Street.

"No longer leaving gaps of years between the phenomenally successful Shrimp, Collards and Grits cookbook series, this new lifestyle magazine fills the intermissions. From my first read, I believe it will keep foodies and southern devotees in tune with fresh, endearing stories of the Low Country's coastal traditions, old and new. We are so honored and excited to be included in the magazine's first issue," says Jackie Heinz, Zeigler House Inn's owner and innkeeper. 

"Shrimp Collards and Grits Magazine", Issue One, launched March 1, 2017.

The "Spring Fling in Savannah" feature written by Wendy Swat Snyder (pages 28-29) transports the reader to a veritable ramble through the National Landmark Historic District, meandering to genteel places, praise-worthy for dining, lodging, shopping, and sightseeing.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mellow Savannah: By-gone Era Zeigler House Inn Shares New Savannah Travel Tips for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Colorful azaleas are famous in Savannah,
especially each spring, near Easter annually.
SAVANNAH, Georgia --  Johnny Mercer, likely Savannah's most famous native son, was referred to as a "Mellow Fellow" by one of his friends in the entertainment industry.

Johnny Mercer is the songwriter who wrote the mellow lyrics "The Summer Wind", "Days of Wine and Roses", and talking about "my huckleberry friend" in "Moon River". He wrote rousing lyrics, too, like "Hooray for Hollywood" (among thousand more songs!). Johnny Mercer was co-founder of Capitol Records. His benevolent legacy continues through the Johnny Mercer Foundation, and locally through Friends of Johnny Mercer.

You can visit the grave of this "mellow fellow" in Bonaventure Cemetery, and his bronze statue in Ellis Square.


Yes, there is so much about Savannah that is mellow, too!  Delicate, savory, soft, soothing, sweet, aged are synonyms to begin this thought.

Delicate and Soft: Azalea flowers, burst into bloom every spring. In 2017 the colorful blooms are early, creating the annual wonderland in Savannah gardens, in roadway landscapes, and in the historic squares.